How to Make Money On Shopify – 5 Ways

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Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online retail stores. It offers online store services to enable an easier system of running an online store. These services include marketing, payment, shipping, etc. It creates an amazing avenue for online retail stores to have product awareness and visibility, as well as adequately interact with customers.

Shopify and Your Business

Shopify provides all the necessary features for you to start, operate and expand your business. It provides free tools for you to build your brand; you can find a suitable business name and create a logo using its free tools. It is also a platform for you to market and sell your products to customers all over the world. Its marketing tools enable you to create campaigns for social media platforms. Shopify provides you an avenue to effectively manage all processes involved in your business transactions; from orders to payments and then to shipping.

In summary, Shopify helps you make as much profit as is possible from your business. However, if you do not own a business, Shopify still makes it possible for you to make as much profit as it is within your capacity through other means. This is besides buying and selling of tangible or regular products. If you are knowledgeable about these other ways, you would know what strategies to put in place to ensure you utilize this platform to the maximum.

How to Make Money On Shopify – 5 Ways

1. Start a Dropshipping Business:

Have you heard of Dropshipping? Dropshipping is a supply chain process where retail stores partner with suppliers or wholesalers to sell goods to the consumers. These goods go straight from the suppliers’ store to the consumers. This is an excellent alternative for those interested in online retails sales but do not have either the funds to purchase bulk products, or to run a full-scale business or space to stock all the inventory. You also would not need to incur both the risks and overhead costs that come with manufacturing, storage, shipping, packaging, and delivery of products. You also would have so many varieties from different suppliers to offer to your customers. Your basic responsibilities would be to select the best quality products from different suppliers, to create very effective marketing strategies, as well as customer support and engagement. This is one effective way to make money from Shopify.

2. Showcase Your Talent in Arts:

Another great way to make money on Shopify is showcasing and monetizing your creative abilities. If you have skills in crafts and arts, Shopify provides an avenue to display those works of art such as paintings, photographs, beats, songs and get a profit of them With Shopify, you have a ready audience who can listen or appreciate your craftsmanship and decide to patronize you. You can even build up a fan base through the exposure Shopify offers. With this platform and if well utilized, your opportunities can extend beyond Shopify to getting deals and business contracts. Your services and artistry can be needed beyond what you have put up for sale on Shopify. With this as well, you also may not need so many funds as is required to start a full-scale company or business. An idea, a skill or craft perfectly expressed to the world can be a huge source of income.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing on Shopify also provides avenues for making money. Just as it is with showcasing one’s creative abilities, you can also use this platform to monetize other skills such as writing, designing, developing, SEO packaging and live events. With Shopify, you already have the necessary exposure and audience. What is required of you is to package your services in different categories as though they were products, then you disable shipping because it would not be needed. This way, you can carry out business transactions there and then on the platform. Another way is to create an avenue for your services to get to the hands of customers. Since you have services to offer, it would be great if any potential client can make a call across to schedule a meeting. You can use other apps for this purpose. By using Shopify, you can also select the projects you would love to work on. You could even take this one step further and do “drop servicing” which is essentially selling other people’s services. You can easily find talented people to hire directly at Fiverr and sell these services on with your Shopify store. 

4. Commence Online Tutorials:

Another way to make money on Shopify is to commence online tutorials. It has to be on a subject you are very familiar with or a topic you have attained expertise in. You can decide to make a long stretch of a topic divided into different syllables and taught in different classes. So that every new class is a follow up to the last. Or you can decide to create different content that may be related in some way. What you need do is package this content either in video or audio forms so consumers can get access to them. Knowledge is an important commodity in today’s world and individuals are always curious to learn more. The more people partake in your course and purchase your packaged content, the more money you make.

5. Other Digital Products:

You can also make money from Shopify by selling other digital products from other creators or entrepreneurs. You would not need to deal with stocking or storing as they are digital products. These digital products can be in the form of video content, digital tools, downloads, e-books, music or photos you have obtained licenses on and audio content. All you need do is create sufficient awareness about the products you offer and how consumers can access them for downloads. Your options as to what you can as digital products are limitless. Take your time to make proper research and survey so you can invest in what would yield you profit afterward.

It is pretty easy to make money on Shopify; as a creative artist, professional, expert, freelancer or business. This platform has already been provided for you with amazing features to simplify the process of retail online business transactions.