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Booster Theme is a theme for a Shopify store that can potentially increase conversions on your site. The theme comes with various functions that allow you to create a sales funnel on your store, increasing the chances of getting those highly desired conversions.

Of course, with countless other Shopify themes available, what exactly makes Booster Theme stand out from the competition? Let’s take a closer look at an in-depth Booster Theme review!


Previously named Shopify Booster, Booster Theme is a popular theme for Shopify. The perfect tool for a small drop shipping business, the theme is suitable for stores operating with a few products, making it easy to integrate various sales funnels onto the website.

Available in three price packages, Booster Theme is quick and easy to install, while an intuitive user interface makes it simple to use, even if you are newer to dropshipping and Shopify. Here are the main features included with the product:

Mobile Optimisation

Booster Theme Review

One of the most important aspects of any Shopify theme is mobile optimization. With mobile users accounting for close to 70% of traffic, it’s pivotal that any e-commerce is fully optimized for mobile devices, so it’s great to see that this is the case with Booster Theme.

Images and the add to cart functions are clearly displayed above the fold, while the recent update saw pricing, timers, and delivery information also situated above the fold, ensuring that no scrolling is necessary.

Direct to Checkout

Another must-have feature for any good Shopify store, direct to checkout saves buyers time and effort by taking them straight to the checkout, skipping any unnecessary pages that may cause them to abandon their cart. It’s an invaluable sales funnel for increasing conversions, as people prefer a streamlined shopping experience!


cross selling booster theme

When a customer buys something on your store, you can use cross-sell to recommend a related product to what they are buying. For instance, if someone is buying sunglasses, you can recommend a protective case for them.

It’s a common strategy on countless eCommerce stores, with Amazon being one of the best examples of effective cross-selling on their store.  Booster Theme lets you add up to six different products to cross-sell, and these can be integrated throughout the site, so it’s a great way to increase your average sale value.

Currency Converter

While Shopify is unquestionably one of the best eCommerce platforms for online stores, it doesn’t have the best currency conversion options, meaning many users don’t get the price displayed in their native currency.

This is off-putting for countless buyers, so by adding a currency converter with Booster Theme, you ensure that customers from all around the world see the price of your products in their own currency. It’s a great function and one that most store owners should take advantage of!

Email Discount

Yes, email popups are dated, but they are still useful! You add a small discount offer on the store for signing up an email, which you can then use in your marketing strategies down the line.

Discounts can be customized to various amounts, and the popup display can also be easily adjusted. For example, you can set it to appear for a set amount of time on the page or when the user is attempting to leave.

Visitor Counter

Fake counters are commonplace on countless eCommerce stores, and Booster Theme has a few of its own, including the visitor counter. Basically, it shows a fake number of visitors that are currently using the site and looking at the same product as the real user.

The idea behind this is to make products seem very popular to encourage users to buy them. The effectiveness of this strategy varies, as some buyers prefer products that aren’t widely available (think a unique t-shirt design), while some are encouraged by its perceived popularity.

You can easily turn this off, so it may be a case of trial and error to see what works.

Countdown Timer

Another fake counter, this one displays a limited time sale offer that also aims to encourage users to purchase an item. It’s one that gets a lot of flak these days as most buyers are aware of the tactic, although there is potential for it if used wisely, like using it on just a few products.

Again, you can easily turn this off if you don’t want to use it, although many sellers continue to do so as it can work on some customers.

Count Down Timer Booster Theme

Notification Popup

This fake counter is one of the more common ones found on stores, usually popping up to say that a customer just bought a certain item. A lot of users don’t realize this is fake, so it can be used to your advantage, giving the idea that the store is reliable and trustworthy – not that isn’t the case already, of course!

Product Reviews

Booster Theme lets you integrate the Shopify Product Reviews plugin to the site, although it’s worth mentioning that the app is made a third-party, so it may not be the most reliable. A lot of sellers turn the feature off because of this, mainly because getting support from third-party apps is challenging.


One of the few disappointments of Booster Theme is their update process. Whenever you want to update the theme, it requires you to download and reinstall everything over again, which is very time consuming and a massive hassle. Hopefully, this issue is addressed with future updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Booster Theme increase my sales?

We have no doubts that the Booster Theme will help improve your conversion rate. We tested on one of our stores, and our conversion rate increased by 10%. Obviously, there are a lot of other factors outside of just the theme. But, this could be a great addition to any Shopify store.

Is Booster Theme good for dropshipping?

Yes! The booster theme has been specifically designed with dropshippers in mind. There are plenty of features within this theme that can help take your store to the next level.

How much does Booster Theme cost?

The Booster Theme costs $179 for a single license, which is a one-time fee. This is a massive saving as all of the tools and features included would amount to over $2000 if purchased separately.

Will the Booster Theme slow my site down?

The booster theme has been stripped down to the bare minimum and optimized perfectly. This means the theme is incredibly fast and performs exceptionally well with page load speeds below 2 seconds!

Booster Theme Review – Our Final Thoughts

Booster Theme is an excellent option for dropshipping businesses seeking a reliable theme for their Shopify store. Simple to use and packed with useful functions, it’s got plenty to offer and will be especially useful for store owners selling a few products.

Using these features, you can easily create a variety of sales funnels to increase your conversions and average sales, which is the goal of any good eCommerce store!

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Booster Theme Review

This is a full Booster Theme Review for Shopify. One of the best selling dropshipping themes on the market. Find out everything you need to know.

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