Free Plus Shipping on Shopify

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Although the online world offers a lot of potential for online marketers, there is also a lot of competition. As such, it’s essential to know what marketing efforts are available to ensure that you get the most traction online.

Free Plus Shipping is a profitable business model when carried out in the right way, but it’s nothing that should be rushed into. Taking time to find out more about the Free Plus Shipping business model as well as the benefits that Shopify can offer ensures that you’re in the best position to make a return online.

What Is the Free Plus Shipping Business Model?

Usually, when products are sold online, there will be a delivery charge attached. However, the Free Plus Shipping business model only charges a delivery fee, meaning that the product itself is offered for free, but how does this work?

An example of a product on sale online can be as follows:


However, when applying the Free Plus Shipping business model, it would be set out as follows:


As you can see, the cost of the product is recouped in the delivery, but this can only be done with low-cost and high-quality items. This ensures that the appeal of the free product isn’t removed by a high delivery cost.

Where Does Shopify Fit In?

Shopify is a SaaS shopping cart solution that can be used by those with products to sell. The platform offers different features depending on the plan you choose and can be a great asset when it comes to employing the Free Plus Shipping business model.

There can be a couple of avenues to take when it comes to using Shopify for your marketing efforts depending on the budget you have available. An overview of these methods is as follows.

Setting Up Free Plus Shipping the Paid Way

When it comes to employing the Free Plus Shipping business model, the easiest approach is to use a paid service. There are many apps available that can be used for this, but not all of them can be relied on. As such, users should focus their efforts on an app called Better Shipping.

The app can seem a bit more expensive than other offerings but is one of the few apps that can be relied on.

Given that the app is designed to make light work of shipping, users can offer free plus shipping offers in conjunction with their paid products. It easily allows for the tailoring of postage costs should a customer purchase more than one product.

In order to get the most out of the Better Shipping app, the Shopify account being used needs to have carrier calculated shipping in place, and this feature isn’t available on the lower tier accounts. However, those that contact Shopify to have the feature put in place can avoid the $79.00 monthly fee, with users paying a $20.00 monthly fee instead.

Although the carrier calculated shipping in conjunction makes light work of creating Free Plus Shipping offers, it does come at a cost. Some online marketers may not have an issue within, but those new to the fold may be looking for a more cost-effective way of managing Free Plus Shipping offers.

Setting Up Free Plus Shipping the Free Way

Given that the Better Ship app and carrier calculated shipping helps automate the process, setting up a Free Plus Shipping offer with no investment can be time-consuming and come with limitations, but It is possible.

Firstly, account holders need to enter their login details and then head to the Admin Panel, followed by the Setting Panel and then Shipping.

Users will then need to clarify which shipping zone they want to focus on in relation to Free Plus Shipping offers. Some may want to focus on a local demographic, whereas others may be able to offer a product globally.

There will now be an option that allows you to add wight-based rates. This allows store owners to offer products that offer free shipping as well as its Free Shipping Offers.

Products that are being sold at a regular price will need their weight set to 0 kg for each item. Products being sold using the Free Plus Shipping business model will need to set the price for each item at 0.00 and the weight to 1 kg.

Although this process can be fast for one or two items, those with a large range of products may find that it takes some time to update all items as well as setting maximum purchase numbers.

Which Method is Recommended?

Like many online services, the approach taken by online marketers depends on their circumstances. Those just starting with one or two products can use the free approach to get a feel for the market, and then upscale when sales increase.

Those that are seeing their orders increase, then the investment can be worthwhile. Sure, it means that there is less profit initially, but the streamlined approach that the Better Shipping app can offer can mean more orders can be fulfilled easily.

Both methods have their pros and cons, but in both instances, Shopify is an essential tool for those looking to deploy a Free Plus Shipping business model and can be upscaled as sales increase.

Although the initial premised of Free Plus Shipping can seem simple, it can take a lot of work to ensure that you’re getting the results you’re looking for. However, being able to find the right product and being able to market it in the right way ensures that you’re able to reap the same results as others using the Free Plus Shipping business model.