10 Easy Fiverr Gigs To Make Money

10 Easy Fiverr Gigs To Make Money

If you’re looking to make a bit of extra money online, then micro gigging might be your answer. One of the most popular sites you can use is Fiverr. Thousands of people each year are making an online income using Fiverr. One thing that can potentially make or break your success is choosing the right gig to promote. Here is our list of the top 10 easy Fiverr gigs to make money online.

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Fiverr has unlimited possibilities when it comes to gigs. Everything from website design, voice-overs, and content writing. If you have a skill, then it’s very likely you can offer this service on Fiverr. If you’re struggling to find something to promote, we’ve created this list to give you a few ideas.

1. Business names

Yes, there are many businesses and startup companies that are in search of a business name. You can start a gig to offer unique and catchy names. If you are creative enough and offer names, then you can easily earn money on Fiverr. This gig starts at $5, but some people charge even $15-20 for this job.

2. Proofreading

If you are good at editing and love reading, then this could be the gig for you. You can accept articles that need correction and proofread them. Make all the required changes and send it back. Here you may have to correct all kinds of errors, including spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc. You can choose the language of your expertise and start making the corrections. Typically people charge $5 for 500 words.

proof reading fiverr gigs

3. Translation

For this, you need to choose two languages in which you have expertise. You can translate the text from one language to the others and start earning $5 regularly. This could be a straightforward and lucrative gig if you’re fluent in multiple languages.

4. Voice Overs

This could hand in hand with translation, as many people like voice-overs in multiple languages. If you have a decent microphone and happy reading out loud, this could be an easy income stream for you.

5. Logo design

If you like designing, then logo design might be for you. You might think that logo design will be too difficult, or you’ll need expensive software. But, there are plenty of freebies such as Canva, which makes it a straightforward process.

6. Comment writing

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can choose to write either comments or blogs. This may take some time since you may have to read everything before commenting. But, this is one of the most accessible gigs for making 5-10 dollars regularly. You can also increase your pay based on the quality of your job.

7. Animation

The majority of Fiverr users think that animation can be complicated, but that’s not always the case. Among animations, you can choose to make whiteboard animation. Initially, you have to choose the right software and familiarize yourself with it. There is a bunch of software available for making whiteboard animation. Using these, you can even make a video in just a few hours. If you are a fast learner and ready to learn animation, then this is the right job for you. For each video you make, you can charge $20/30.

8. Content Writing

This is little more than comment writing. You have to be a little creative for content writing; you also need to be fluent with the languages. You can choose to write articles, letters, or blogs. Based on the quality of writing and topic, you can fix the price. This ranges anywhere from $5/per 500 words up to $30/40 for 500 words. There is potential for a very lucrative income if you’re a creative writer.

9. Social Media Manager

If you’re comfortable with social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, this could be the gig for you. Lots of companies and individuals are not comfortable using these platforms and will pay you to manage it for them. This could easily become a monthly managed service if you do a good job.

social media manager easy fiverr gigs

10. WordPress Setup

Blogging has become increasingly popular but, a lot of people struggle where to start with setting up their blog. If you have experience installing and setting up WordPress, this could be an easy Fiverr gig and potentially a very good income stream.

10 Easy Fiverr Gigs To Make Money Online - Final Thoughts

That concludes this post on 10 Easy Fiverr Gigs To Make Money Online; I hope this has given you a few ideas. If you haven’t already signed up to Fiverr, then do so here. There are countless opportunities to make an excellent income with Fiverr. Create a gig and be patient, you won’t get sales right away, but eventually, it’ll all pay off in the end.

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