High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Examples

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Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. A lot of people right now venture into different affiliate marketing programs after knowing the system’s legitimacy and lucrativeness.

Amazon Associates, as we all know, is one of the biggest names in terms of affiliate marketing programs. Sure, you can access millions of products to promote and get a percentage of the sale once you get qualified. Except there are more affiliate programs more profitable than this.

If you are already “somebody” in this industry, it’s time to level up. You can promote products that sell numerously, yet you will earn pint-size commissions. And so, isn’t it wise to save efforts by promoting high-value items for a higher rate instead?

But if you’re just a beginner, be sure to scan through, too. Let’s make your affiliate marketing business a remarkable financial debut. Here are what we have for you:

Top 10 High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Examples

How do I start affiliate marketing for a beginner?

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

Can you get rich from affiliate marketing?

Why do affiliate marketers fail?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has now become a prominent way to make money online. As an affiliate marketer, you are tasked to promote other companies products on your traffic-driven sites or platforms. When someone buys from your affiliate links, you get a percentage of the sale called commission.

Just like being a salesperson, affiliate marketers are middlemen who manage the fulfillment of a purchase or a business between a retailer and a consumer. The only difference is, affiliate marketers can work with different clients at once.

In choosing the best affiliate program to join in, consider first your niche and level of expertise. There are three models of affiliate marketing programs:

High-paying | Low-volume

These kinds of affiliate marketing programs come with tough competitors since they offer high commission rates. Usually, the affiliate marketers here are experienced and skilled, too tight for novices to contend with.

Low-paying | High-volume

Most promotable products here are goods commonly consumed by the masses. Such affiliate programs allow their marketers to promote any product within their company. Normally, you shall need high-traffic sites to be qualified.

High-paying | High-volume

This type of affiliate program exists but is rarely available. Yes, there are products that massively appeal to many and that pays you high commissions as well. However, companies that offer these affiliate programs target accomplished and proficient affiliate marketers.

What is a high ticket affiliate marketing program?

What is a high ticket affiliate marketing program

A high ticket affiliate marketing program is a variety of affiliate marketing where you promote high-value products. Affiliate marketers are expected to earn high payouts here every time they refer a sale.

The good thing about it is that you can focus on advertising a particular product. Then, you could gain a higher-than-average commission once a sale or service is closed. Aside from this, recurring commissions may also apply as long as the patron remains on the subscription.

As more and more consumers shop online and some business owners purchase digital services, it’s no wonder that outcomes within this type of affiliate marketing are auspicious.

Instead of spending your time on some low-paying affiliate programs, why not dive into high ticket affiliate marketing programs? What you can earn here is trifold the earnings from your last affiliate program.

But don’t neglect low-paying / high-volume affiliate programs. We are only suggesting you to try out these high ticket affiliate marketing examples as an addition to your stream of revenue. After all, it may lead you to obtain the “Super Affiliate” badge.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Top 10 High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2021/22

Authority Hacker Affiliate Marketing Program

Authority Hacker offers one of the highest-rated commissions for affiliate marketers. For every sale you closed from their premium courses costing $1000 and above, you could earn up to $990. The cookie duration is 60 days.

To officially join the program, a minimum monthly traffic is required as well as one qualified sale within 90 days of joining the program. Like any affiliate program, this is expectedly a competitive market, and not many can afford their service cost.

These training courses, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced affiliate marketer, teach you to build robust authority websites. Your referral’s purchases in the future can also give you an additional percentage (lifetime commission).

Life Fitness Affiliate Marketing Program

Life Fitness, managed by AvantLink, is a product company of fitness and exercise supplies. They offer several items from a collection of gym facilities or home gym equipment. Most of their products were priced approximately at $3000. As per referral purchase, you get an average commission of $240. 8% is the fixed commission rate, while the cookie duration is 30 days.

Fanfuel Affiliate Marketing Program

Fanfuel is a representative of Wolfson Brands and other major wellness trademarks. This high ticket affiliate program deals with a large assortment of beauty and health products like weight loss solutions, nootropics, probiotics, supplements, and more.

The commission rate from promoting these products is around 50%. No cookies are implemented, and your referrals remain connected to your affiliate account. Every time they purchase something, you would still get credit even after many years have passed.

Kinsta Affiliate Marketing Program

Kinsta is a WordPress-based web hosting management server. Their offer targets businesses that need secure and upgraded web hosting. The cookie duration lasts 60 days. If a customer buys from your link, expect a commission ranging from $50 to $500. Additionally, a 10% monthly recurring commission can be gained as long as your referral stays on the Kinsta membership.

Shopify Affiliate Marketing Program

Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms that offers a wide range of services. It helps merchants build their website as online stores (including web hosting packages), equip shopping carts, and manage payments.

Their affiliate program enables you to earn about $58 in every referral subscription you fulfill. As long as your referrals continue as clients, you can earn guaranteed high recurring commissions. The best part is their Plus affiliate program, where every referral endows you $2000.

Mentor Masterclass Affiliate Marketing Program

Mentor Masterclass offers a one-year training program that teaches women to build and develop their own coaching practices. By promoting their business, you would earn $1000 worth of commission for each qualified sale. Payments can be claimed through PayPal 60 days after a referral enrolls. The program also entails annual commencement, where the affiliates who generate the most sales are rewarded.

WeWork Affiliate Marketing Program

WeWork proffers rentals for business workspaces with versatile working environments. Your commission depends on the number of desks your referrals purchase, including the future ones. Earn $500 to $5000 per contract signed. You can also get a percentage from your referral’s renewal of the contract.

The cookie duration or the validity span of your affiliate link is 90 days. Though the commission rate is undeniably high, competition is still unquestionable. Plus, due to the affliction of the pandemic, it’s too uncertain to predict the future of this industry.

Goldco Affiliate Marketing Program

Goldco runs high-value investments and sells metal IRAs such as gold and silver. The commission from one referred investment can be as low as $35 and as high as $200. Commission rates on metal IRAs are 3% ( for quarterly volume purchase) and 6% ( for annual volume purchase). One sale of metal IRA yields 5 to 6 figures of commission already. Cookies last for 30 days.

Plus 500 Affiliate Marketing Program

Plus 500 is an online trading platform for CFD (Contracts for Differences). In CFD trading, the trader buys or sells a number of units as a financial investment or instrument, based on whether the prices go up or down.

It’s illegal since it didn’t pass through regulated exchanges, and it involves risks. Plus 500 has a limited European audience to join the trading site. In every trader that you refer to, you can get an exact $800 as commission.

WP Engine Affiliate Marketing Program

WP Engine is another WordPress-based web hosting, and support server especially offered for any businesses or small enterprises. The referral sales from hosting services you satisfied grant you a minimum of $200 commission. Purchase is commission-eligible within the 180-day cookie duration. Furthermore, you can also receive a 35% commission for each StudioPress premium theme sale within the cookie duration of 60 days.

How do I start affiliate marketing for a beginner?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Examples

It takes time and hard work to build your affiliate marketing job as your primary source of income. Do not hope for expectations the way you wanted to. These super affiliates have hurdled so many obstacles and ordeals before gaining six to seven figures of revenue from affiliate marketing.

So, in order to help you out in your start-up business, we’ll provide a brief guide for beginners. It’s your turn:

Decide on a niche.

Many affiliate marketers commence with niches they are most familiar with or the ones that aren’t too complex. Having a specific niche lets, you concentrate on a target audience. Choose a niche that’s not too broad and not too tight.

Choose a platform.

Blogging and Vlogging are the most popular ways you can conduct affiliate marketing effectively. Growing an audience is a must before applying to any affiliate programs. SEO strategy and content engagements are your best friends.

Find an affiliate program.

It only requires a quick yet scrupulous research to find an affiliate program that suits your interest. Prior to application, you might want to investigate first what the prerequisites are. Undoubtedly, whatever the type of affiliate program you’re joining in, competition is inseparable on the field.

Create interesting content regularly.

Coming up with a content plan is a lifesaver for any affiliate marketer. Besides that, you have prepared engaging content; you may urge yourself to get it done according to schedule. Uploading content on a regular basis helps you rank up your optimization on the platform.

Drive traffic to your affiliate marketing sites.

There are various ways you can boost the traffic on your sites. You can do it through running paid ads, SEO, social media marketing, and email list. Paid ads are especially necessary if your site is still a hatchling. It’s also important to test different campaign strategies to grasp your audience’s appetite.

Get paid as an affiliate marketer.

When you insert referral links to your sites, and a number of people purchase from them before the cookie duration ends, it’s time to earn your commission. This is the common manner in which affiliates earn a commission – pay-per-sale.

Some affiliate programs have different agreements, though. It can be a pay-per-click, where you earn a commission based on the number of people you direct to a certain domain. Or it can be a pay-per-lead, where you are paid by the merchant once the people who clicked from your link signed up as leads.

The payment can be claimed depending on a specified date and the minimum amount of payout. You can receive it either by direct deposit or by check, etc.

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

What answer you want to hear is affirmative. And YES, we are certain you can start affiliate marketing with no money. Most affiliate marketing programs have no registration fees. Rather, you will get paid every time you help a merchant achieve a sale. This system benefits both of you.

Some affiliate programs prerequire an applicant’s ownership of a website/s before getting eligible for the program. For bloggers and website owners, it’s a great way to monetize their sites, as they have invested so much in it. The domain name and web host costs a few bucks, you know.

But as for you, starting an affiliate marketing business without money can be made possible on other platforms. Even on Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, or Instagram, one can start blogging or something. Millions of people hover around these platforms non-stop, for your information.

YouTube is a powerful platform, too. Except that you can register for their monetization program, it’s also a tool for most affiliate marketers. In fact, YouTubers acquired fame here and made tons of money already before joining affiliate programs as another side hustle.

In any of these platforms, the first thing is, you should create a profile. Establish your presence gradually and let others know your trademark. What are you about? Just some random account holder or something interesting and useful?

The real job now is to proceed with building an audience. Grow them day by day. Understand what people are up for before creating engaging content. Of course, you should be comfortable in the niche you deem popular. Otherwise, it is worthless.

Once you succeed in building a huge, loyal audience, you are now ready to go on with any affiliate program, even without monetary investments. Have assurance you will pass the qualifications since your sites can now promote decently.

Can you get rich from affiliate marketing?

In the long run, yes. But overnight, not a chance. The affiliate marketing industry has been evidently progressing and becoming more lucrative. Take, for example, Pat Flynn, who made over $100,000 in just one month from affiliate commissions in December 2017.

A beginner may earn around $100 per month. On average, most intermediate-level affiliates earn $1000 to $20000 monthly. Affiliate marketers who earn six-figure revenue monthly like Flynn didn’t just sleep and wake up with that value afterward. Just like any business, affiliate marketing demands time, energy, and commitment along with efficiency.

You just don’t get rich quick. Patience and experience are both must-haves. While the market isn’t a steady stream, you will have to adapt to alterations and grind with best practices. Remember that not every day can you gain a hefty sum.

Why do affiliate marketers fail?

Failure is an indispensable part of someone’s pursuit of objectives. All affiliate marketers fail at least once, perhaps. And the reason why some became successful is that they don’t give up just yet. These mistakes remind them to never do such things ever again. Here are some reasons for affiliate marketers’ failure:

  • Impatience and Procrastination
  • Competition
  • Picking the wrong niche
  • Not producing a variety
  • Having other priorities
  • Not capturing your audience’s interest and trust
  • Neglecting to track traffic analytics
  • Inability to analyze the market
  • Being victimized by fraudulent companies
  • Not spending enough time to develop the business
  • Not exploring and experimenting
  • Irregular publication of contents
  • No determination and weak mindset
  • Having insufficient information about your affiliate products


Affiliate marketing needs not be regarded as a side hustle only. It’s a business that requires large-scale efforts and investments in order to achieve a lucrative financial milestone.

Aside from the normal affiliate programs you see everywhere, be aware that there are also high ticket or high-paying ones. Putting enough concentration to promote their high-value affiliate items ensures higher payments from the commission.

High ticket affiliate marketing is nothing different from other affiliate programs. You can still be troubled by the competition in this ever-growing industry. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketer, it really needs the perseverance to outstand your competitors.

Moreover, starting an affiliate marketing business can cost almost no monetary investments. If you have no capital for building a website, there are still free platforms where you can monetize your traffic. As a novice, there is so much to explore.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick program.  There are no shortcuts for legitimate businesses to get wealthy unless you run an illegal one. It all takes time, patience, and a resolute mindset.

In the long run, failures are inevitable. But you can have a choice – make these weaken you or use these to empower you. Affiliate marketing is a journey full of unexpected misadventures. Refusing to give up will lead you to economic triumph.