How To Avoid Getting Gubbed Matched Betting


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How To Avoid Getting Gubbed Matched Betting

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Are you worried about being Gubbed while Matched Betting? Gubbing is a restriction by bookmakers to restrict or limit their losses. If done correctly, matched betting can be an attractive part of your income source.

In this article, we will explore strategies and tips for avoiding getting gubbed while taking advantage of the available offers from Bookies.

You’ll no longer have to lose sleep wondering if your accounts will get restricted! Read on to learn exactly how to avoid realization when it comes to matched betting.

Key Takeaways

  • By placing bets on popular events with high market demand, a punter is less noticeable to bookmakers and reduces the risk of being gubbed.
  • Rounding stake amounts to whole numbers and varying them can help prevent bookmakers from identifying matched betting patterns.
  • Placing bets close to the start of an event provides access to better odds and disguising activity from bookies.
  • Blocking IE Snare software and only taking out money when necessary are essential for avoiding detection and getting gubbed in matched betting.

What is Gubbing in Matched Betting?

Gubbing in Matched Betting occurs when a betting company limits or restricts an account due to their suspicion of bonus abuse.

Definition and consequences

Gubbing is a common term used in the matched betting world and refers to bookmakers restricting or limiting a punter’s account. It usually involves the removal of eligibility for promotions like free bets, bonuses, and price boosts.

This can have serious consequences for matched bettors as they rely on these promotional offers to make a profit. When gubbed, punters often lose their ability to withdraw funds from their accounts until wagering requirements are met or when total stakes drop below an amount prescribed by the bookmaker.

Gubbing can also limit certain types of betting, such as arbitrage bets, which require multiple accounts with different bookmakers. A lack of awareness of how your activities will appear to the operators you’re dealing with is another factor that could lead towards account restrictions being placed upon you so it pays dividends to be conscious of this and plan accordingly.

Strategies for Avoiding Gubbing

Employing smart tactics such as only placing bets on popular events, varying stake amounts, and blocking certain Snare techniques can help you stay one step ahead of the bookies!

Place bets on popular events

Placing your wagers on events with high market demand and wide exposure, such as the Premier League or Champions League, can drastically reduce the risk of getting gubbed in matched betting.

By placing bets on these popular events, you are more likely to blend in among other punters and be less noticeable to bookmakers. This is because a larger portion of them are devoting their attention towards closely monitoring potential arbitrage bettors who exist primarily in low-profile markets where they tend to have an unfair advantage when it comes to making profits from online sports betting.

Furthermore, if a game is televised live, this suggests that there will be widespread interest across different stake sizes since it will inspire a lot of curiosity amongst casual punters who end up placing single or small bets collectively.

Round your stake to whole numbers

is an essential strategy in matched betting, as it helps to reduce suspicion from bookmakers and increase your chances of success. Bookmakers often analyze the consistency of staking habits, and unusual amounts can raise red flags when using any form of matched betting.

Rounding up to whole numbers prevents this by ensuring that a bookmaker does not see you consistently backing different amounts that do not make sense with normal punters’ stakes.

This adds another layer of credibility when making bets, significantly minimizing suspicions which are necessary for continued success in matched betting. Furthermore, restricting yourself to no more than 1% deviation on each bet should help you look like a regular gambler as opposed to someone who is manipulating odds or arbitrage betting, therefore reducing the risk associated with gubbing even further, ultimately leading you closer towards long-term success within the industry & keeping your profits consistent over time!

Vary your stake amounts

Varying your stake amounts when matched betting can be an effective way to avoid gubbing. This technique helps prevent bookmakers from identifying the patterns of experienced bettors, such as high success rates or unusual betting choices.

By changing up the size of wagers you place on different events, you make it harder for bookmakers to recognize that a user is engaging in matched betting.

For example, instead of placing £50 and then repeating this amount across all bets placed during a month’s period – which could trigger the attentional algorithms used by bookies – try varying this number between anything from one pound to one hundred pounds depending on how much capital is available for each opportunity.

It’s also important to mix up popular sporting events with niche markets to mask any patterns even further; alternate between basketball and handball matches! Following these tips help increase user safety while enjoying the full range of opportunities presented within Matched Betting activities.

Bet closer to the start of the event

Bookmakers are always looking for habitual betting patterns to identify matched bettors. Placing bets close to the start of an event can help avoid detection, as it’s a tactic that mug punters often use, and bookmakers generally miss out on any suspicious activity at this stage.

When you place your bets before the start of the race or game, but after the odds have been determined, you also get access to better odds as well — meaning more profit in the long run.

It’s important to note that if too many bets are placed in quick succession just before an event starts, then it will look suspicious even with this tactic – so mix up your strategy and vary stakes sizes to stay safe while still profiting.

Only withdraw when necessary

With matched betting, one of the key rules is not to take out more than you need at any given time. Taking multiple or large withdrawals in quick succession can quickly raise suspicion and could result in your account being restricted or closed as a consequence of gubbing.

A way to avoid this kind of situation is to withdraw money from your accounts when absolutely necessary. When possible, try to plan your withdraws so that the amount requested isn’t excessive or more than you actually require for an upcoming payment – e.g., rent, bills, etc – as this could potentially alert bookmakers that something fishy is going on with their customers’ accounts.

Block IE Snare

IE Snare is a software bookmakers use to track user activity when placing bets online. This information allows the bookmaker to end their relationship with ‘professional’ bettors in an effort to prevent potential losses and make sure they are taking action against suspicious activity. To avoid getting gubbed in matched betting, users should block IE Snare from collecting this data.

Avoid arbitrage betting

The quickest way to avoid being gubbed in matched betting is by avoiding arbitrage betting. Arbitrage involves placing both a back and a lay bet at the same time, exploiting any differences in odds offered at different bookmakers or betting exchanges.

Although this may seem like an attractive way of making money, it could get your account restricted due to the heightened risk involved. Betting restrictions are designed to protect against irregular activity, which puts bookmakers’ profitability (and thus their ability to offer promotions) under threat; they don’t view arbitrage as normal user behaviour and have every right to close accounts that partake in such activities.

Gubbing can have serious implications for matched bettors since it means no longer receiving important promotions, meaning less potential profit opportunities for the player. Therefore taking extra cautious steps when engaging with arbitrage betting is critical if you want to stay on good terms with your bookmaker and continue earning profits through matched betting strategies.

Tips for Long-Term Success in Matched Betting

How To Avoid Getting Gubbed Matched Betting

Making use of a mug bet strategy, varying your bets and playing like a mug punter, keeping bets to round numbers, and not having multiple accounts are some key tips for success in matched betting.

Have a mug bet strategy

Mug betting is an important strategy for matched bettors hoping to avoid gubbing. It involves acting like a casual punter and placing bets that aren’t directly linked to promotions. This ensures that the bookmakers view their bet as unrelated to any bonus offers and will result in less scrutiny of their activity on the site.

Mix up your bets and play like a mug punter

An effective way to avoid getting gubbed in matched betting is to incorporate a mug bet strategy and mix up your bets. Playing like a mug punter can help bookmakers view you as a relaxed recreational gambler, so they don’t identify the losses incurred from the value of arbs.

It can also make you look inconspicuous and fly under their radar, preventing sudden account termination due to diligently following the typical patterns of professional bettors. This can involve placing bets on popular events with well-rounded stake amounts closer to the start of each game – instead of taking values that may be too obvious for competitors who are constantly looking for unexposed opportunities.

Additionally, this strategy should be accompanied by understanding essential eviction criteria, such as avoiding high-risk strategies or withdrawing more often than necessary; these tactics can all contribute towards staying active while reducing exposure.

Keep your bets to round numbers

When betting in matched betting, it’s important to keep your bets to round numbers, avoiding odd amounts such as $1.03 or $3.27, etc. This helps make your wagers appear more natural and less suspicious to bookmakers – something that is very important when it comes to avoiding gubbing.

Natural-looking bets are also key for ensuring you don’t get caught out by account restrictions, bet limits, or any other measures the bookmaker may use to stop successful punters from matched betting too often.

Along with sticking a regular staking approach and placing similar-sized bets per event, keeping your stake sizes round numbers can help mitigate risks associated with being flagged as an advantage player by bookmakers.

Don’t open multiple accounts

It is important when engaging in matched betting that you only open one account per online bookmaker. This will help ensure that your betting account remains profitable and avoid any unnecessary and costly gubbing or restrictions.

Bookmakers are aware of the tactic of using multiple accounts to increase profits, so they monitor personal details quite closely and may prevent having multiple accounts from taking place.

Using a single account allows you to maintain control over what events you bet on, how often/much you bet, and how much profit can be withdrawn while still staying within the guidelines of the bookmaker’s rules and regulations as well as their terms of service agreement.

Be mindful of your social media presence

It’s important to remember that bookmakers monitor social media platforms in order to gain information on betting-related activities. Online bettors must be aware of this fact and take all possible steps to protect their online profile from being discovered by the bookmaker.

Being active in matched betting communities or boasting about your winnings can lead to an account being gubbed and restricted for further betting activities. To avoid such consequences, bettors should always remain anonymous, keep silent on any advantage gambling mentions, and steer clear from social media-matched betting groups – it could mean the difference between a successful gamble or not!

Lastly it is useful to have separate accounts for everyday use and for gambling, which also adds another layer of protection against detection from bookmakers.


There are a number of strategies and tips to help successfully avoid gubbing in matched betting. It is important to place bets on popular events, vary your stake amounts, round off your stakes, bet closer to the start of an event, and only withdraw when necessary.

Additionally, following tactics like mug betting strategy and avoiding obscure markets can help prevent account restrictions to continue profitably with matched betting.

With careful planning and consistent efforts, along with a proactive approach, one can enjoy long-term success and profitability by implementing these techniques to prevent being gubbed from bookmakers.

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