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20 Cogs Review

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The last few years have seen a drastic change in the way people do business. We live in a world where remote jobs are rapidly taking over traditional office jobs. People are more inclined to work from home rather than going out and working in an office space. Technology has not only made it easier for people to earn money from home, but it has also provided a lot of lucrative alternatives to an office job. There are hundreds of different ways through which people can earn money while staying at their homes. Some of these ways are so easy that you can even keep your day job and earn a decent income on the side through online projects.

One of the most significant issues that people face while trying to earn online is that there are many scams out there. With each authentic online earning platform, there are several fraudulent ones. If you are someone who is looking for genuine online methods to earn money from home then you should definitely check out 20 Cogs.

What Is 20 Cogs All About?

20 Cogs offers an opportunity for people to earn decent money while staying at their home. On average people can earn about £200 however, the earnings depend on the type of task you choose. To earn money through 20 cogs, you have to complete 20 tasks in different categories. These categories include competitions, offers, games and surveys. This is why they are called 20 “COGS”.

Who Can Join 20 Cogs?

20 Cogs is only available for the UK market. You can only join if you live in the UK. This explains the payment in GBP. You will not be able to select an offer or get the payment if you try to join from another country.

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Things That Make 20 Cogs Credible

20 Cogs Trust Pilot

20 Cogs is a legitimate way to earn money online. It has a trust score of 4.3 out of 5 on Trust Pilot. Most of the negative reviews stem from wrong experiences by people who weren’t actually aware of how 20 cogs works. For people who know how it works, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash. One good experience starts a positive reaction. If you earn once on 20 Cogs, you will be inclined to come back for more. Till now 20 Cogs has paid up to £1,570,561 to its members who have completed offers on 20 cogs.co.uk.

Do I Have To Pay To Register On 20 Cogs

20 cogs is mostly free; however, some high paying jobs may want you to pay a small fee in order to get access to their higher rewards. So to earn more, you will have to spend a little of your money. Some people are conscious about giving their credit card information on online platforms however once they realise the rewards associated with investing in 20 cogs they feel that this investment is going to be worth it.

In addition to winning rewards, you might also win some free stuff like Amazon Prime Membership., TV Membership, Pet food and many other items. The freebies are usually based on the type of offer you complete. Freebies add a lot of value to the rewards.

Once you complete all 20 Cogs, you can keep on completing other cogs and get paid the same way you did when you completed the first 20 cogs. You get paid for all the times you complete 20 cogs. 20 Cogs also let you earn money through referrals. Once you start earning money, you can tell your friends about 20 cogs as well. Word of mouth can have a very positive effect on such online earning methods. So you can tell your friends about the rewards and freebies you have been earning on through cogs. Once your friends start completing tasks on 20 cogs you get paid 20% of their total revenue amount in referral payments.

How Do You Earn Money through 20 COGS?

20 cogs earnings

You can earn money by completing tasks. You can only get the payment once you have completed 20 tasks or cogs. Each cog has a different payment value, so if you choose high paying cogs then you would be able to earn more as compared to when you choose low paying cogs. 

One important thing to note is that you will not get your payment right away. Once you complete a task. The colour of the task changes to Amber. The colour amber denotes that the payment is still pending. It should also be kept in mind you can only get your payment once you have completed all tasks. You will see your earned money in your profile, but only after you have completed 20 tasks you will be able to request for payment.

The offers on 20 cogs are posted by different companies and advertisers, and when a person completes any of the offers, the company or the advertisers pay 20 cogs a specific sum of money as a commission payment. This is how 20 Cogs creates a WIN-WIN situation for all the parties involved.

How Much Can You Earn By Completing Tasks on 20 Cogs

20 cogs offers

The highest amount that anyone has earned on the 20 cogs is £700; however, on average people earn somewhere from £100 to £200. The amount depends on the tasks you choose. If you choose the tasks/cogs that pay more, then you get paid more. However, some of these high paying cogs may ask you to pay some money upfront. You will definitely earn some profit, but you will have to invest some of your already earned money in 20 cogs.

In addition to that, you will have to wait at least 30 days for all your tasks to be marked completed. Some people finish their tasks in one go while others tend to perform tasks whenever they get free time. The time of the payment can also be affected by the person’s own choices. For example, if you see an offer in a particular category that you feel is too difficult for you to do then you can wait for that offer to change. When the offer changes to a newer one, you can then select the new one and complete your task. Let’s not forget the £5 you get for just signing up on 20 cogs. You can also sometimes get bonus rewards in the form of money.

What if I Don’t Like the Offer I am Getting?

Once you sign up for 20 cogs, you will be able to see certain offers in different categories. Some suggestions might be challenging to complete, or you might not like them. Well, in such cases you can click on “Give Me a New Offer” and 20 Cogs will show you a new offer. If you do not see a new offer right away, wait for a few days and try again. After a few days, you might automatically see a new and updated offer.

Selecting the Offers and Completing Them

Once you have chosen an offer, you can click “take the offer”, and you will be forwarded to the page for the task. You can then complete the offer and move to the next one. You can also keep track of the tasks you have completed. Different colours represent different things. Amber denotes the offers you have already completed, and green denotes that a payment can be requested for the said amount. Once you have completed 20 tasks you can ask for payment through PayPal or BACS. 

When you see an offer it is greyed out. Once you select an offer and process it, the cog turns to amber. 

20 cogs confirmed

Some tasks even take around 30 days to complete after which, if the job is validated by the participating business the cog will turn to green. If the participating business rejects your offer, the cog will turn to red.

How Are the Payments Processed?

Right now 20 Cogs only has two methods of payments. They either pay through PayPal or BACS. You can choose your preferred payment method. 20 Cogs pay three times a week. It should also be noted that the payments are only made in Great Britain Pounds (GBP).

What If I Go Through a Negative Experience?

If you feel that there was something wrong with your payment or tasks, you can contact the customer support. 20 Cog’s customer support has an excellent and helpful team who would try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. As long as you follow the rules and regulation, your payment will be given to you. 

Why Is 20 Cogs So Successful

As mentioned earlier, 20 Cogs has paid its members more than 1.5 Million pounds since its inception. This means that with time, more and more people are putting their trust in 20 Cogs. People are spending time and money in order to get maximum benefits from 20 Cogs. The reason for its success is that it offers a very convenient and easy way of earning money. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or effort in trying to complete the tasks. The tasks are fun and entertaining and can be completed without having extensive knowledge or experience about the respective offer. 

Can You Use 20 Cogs on Your Mobile Phone?

Studies have shown that most people these days use their mobile phones more than they use their laptops; hence, it is imperative to have responsive websites that would work well on devices like mobile phones and tablets. If you are wondering about 20 Cogs mobile version, then you should know that 20 Cogs can be easily accessed through your mobile phone. This adds a lot of value to 20 Cogs. People can complete offers while they are riding the bus, sitting down in the cafeteria at their university or even when they are taking a break from their work. You will be able to entertain yourself in boring places. Whether you are sitting in an airport lounge waiting for your flight or you are at a dentist waiting for your turn, you can get rid of the boredom by completing offers and earning money at the same time.

Are There Any Downsides to Using 20 Cogs?

There are no major downsides to using 20 cogs; however, once you spend a certain amount of money on high paying tasks, the website might charge you more than once when the offer changes. So it is ideal to cancel the payment from your credit card before a specific time. In addition to this, you might also face issued while requesting a payout. 

If you complete a task, then that does not guarantee that you will be paid. Your task should be completed as per the instructions and guidelines of the participating businesses that have uploaded the offer. If you do not complete the offer according to their rules and regulations, then those participating businesses will have every right to reject your work. In such cases, the cog will turn to red showing that the participating business has rejected the offer.  


20 Cogs is one of the most authentic methods of earning money online. When a client completes an offer, the participating retailer pays a commission to 20 Cogs for completing the offer. 20 Cogs then transfer that commission to your bank account. 20 Cogs get paid by companies for each offer completed on their platform. In order to get paid, you have to fulfill the rules and regulations of 20 Cogs and rules and regulations stated by the participating business that has uploaded the offer. So what are you waiting for, create and email address, sign up and start earning!

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20 Cogs Review | Everything You NEED To Know Before You Sign Up

Our full review of 20 cogs. Everything you need to know before you get started. Does it really work? Could this be the ultimate side hustle?

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