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As profits continue to rise year on year, raking in billions in revenue, there has never been a better time to become an Amazon seller.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has allowed a new generation of sellers to jump on board of the Amazon bandwagon, with the potential to make high profits from a limitless selection of products waiting to be sold.

Of course, half the challenge of becoming an FBA seller is knowing how to find and market the right products, which can be near impossible unless you have the right software to assist.

This has led to a wave of Amazon product research tools designed to help new and experienced sellers find hot products and how to best market them.

With the right tool in hand, you can save a huge amount of time and resources, finding and researching products. But finding the best software for the job can be difficult when there are so many options to choose from – could Helium 10 be the right choice for your business?

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a leading product research and SEO software solution for Amazon sellers. It is a comprehensive software package that provides an array of functions, with over a dozen tools and available to help you get ahead in an extremely competitive marketplace.

These tools give you everything you need to find products, analyses the competition, research the best keywords, and track the success of any launched products from their keyword ranking. This means less time spent guessing and more time developing product listings and keywords based on accurate market data.

Moreover, the fact that all the tools are included in a single software package is a huge bonus. Previously, an Amazon seller would need to subscribe to several software solutions to access the range of tools included with Helium 10, so it certainly offers a lot of conveniences and good value for money!

Helium 10 Features

Helium 10 started out as a software package offering 10 useful tools for sellers (hence the name Helium 10), yet the company has now introduced three additional tools for a total of 13.

That’s an impressive range of features for a single software package, and you will get plenty of use from most of these. Of course, some are going to be far more useful than others, with the product research and keyword research tools really standing out from the crowd.

In fact, these top tools are so useful you may find yourself focusing on just a few during the initial research phases when you are building your product lists and developing keywords for each one, although every function certainly has its uses throughout the various stages of your campaigns.

Black Box

Helium 10’s Amazon product search tool, Black Box, is one of the core functions of the software, and somewhere you’ll spend a lot of time doing your product research. It’s one of the best research tools going at the moment, with only Jungle Scout up there alongside it in terms of quality.

Basically, you use this tool to search for niche products to sell on Amazon, with various filters available to help you zone in on those products with high searches and low competition, giving you more chance of reaching the coveted front page of listings.

For example, you can filter searches on the Amazon marketplace by category, monthly revenue, price, review count, review rating, and shipping size tier.

There are additional tabs beyond the main marketplace search function, including competitors, niche, and product targeting.

You can use these for more in-depth product research, and they are useful for finding products with low competition, so don’t forget to use these alongside the main marketplace search; otherwise you may struggle to find low competition products.

If these aren’t enough for finding and researching products, there are several advanced filters that you can use to narrow your searches further, and while not all of these will be used for each search you make, they do give the chance to experiment with various search criteria to see what works for you.

You’ll then get a list of products that match your search criteria, and you can review all kinds of useful information on each product including the number of sellers, price, monthly sales, revenue, and reviews, which you can use to make decisions on what products to pursue.

Each of the results can also be exported to a CVS file for added convenience!


Helium 10 Magnet

This is one of the big selling points of Helium 10, and it can take your keyword game to a whole new level. When combined with Cerebro, another keyword research tool, you can build a comprehensive list of keywords with relative ease.

Magnet does most of the lifting for you. Simply search for a keyword or key phrase, and the software will pull all the relative data from Amazon, providing you with a list of organic keywords from best-selling competitors that are relevant to your search.

All this information comes straight from Amazon, so it’s far more accurate and reliable than most other keyword search tools.

A cool little feature for any British sellers – you can select to search for data from the UK Amazon store, which is great for UK-based sellers as most other keyword search tools only use Amazon.com.

When you search for keywords, you will get an overview of the total keywords, top products, and word frequency, along with the main list of results based on your search criteria. You can then use various filters to help narrow down your search, with the word count and search volume filters being especially useful.

After you mess around with the filters and find the right search formula, you can quickly draw up lists of relevant keywords for the products you’ve researched using Black Box and use these to develop your listings and launch campaign.

All in all, this tool is going to save you countless hours researching keywords that you need for successful listings and campaigns. Keywords are the main route to success for an Amazon seller, so having software that can assist you with this is invaluable.


To succeed as an Amazon seller, you don’t just need to find a niche product with low competition, you need to know how to optimize the listing to ensure that people are finding your products more often than your competitors.

The key to this is the appropriately named keywords. You need to find the right keywords for a product and how to best optimize these keywords to ensure a successful listing.

This can be a daunting prospect for beginners, and even experienced sellers know how difficult and time-consuming keyword research and optimization is.

Helium 10’s Cerebro tool aims to make this entire process much easier and more streamlined. This is a reverse ASIN lookup function, which means it searches competitor ASIN numbers and pulls the organic keyword, sponsored, and Amazon recommended keywords for you to review.

So, anytime you find a competitor product that you like the look of during product research, simply enter the ASIN number into Cerebro and watch it pull hundreds or even thousands of keyword recommendations based on search phrases customers are using to find these products.

If you want to find what keywords are ranking and indexing for specific products, this is the tool for the job.

You don’t just get keyword suggestions, though, as Cerebro gives you a comprehensive break-down of data relevant to these keywords and phrases. This includes search volume, word frequency, sponsored ASINs, competing products, and the organic and sponsored rank.

It also has an IQ score, which is basically a ranking based on high search volume and low competition, so you can use this to see what keywords and phrases have the most potential quickly.

Cerebro is going to be your best friend during your product research phase, as it gives all the information you need to make informed decisions about what products to pursue and how you can use keywords to get the best listing and indexing.

It is also a handy tool for strategizing product giveaways. Just check the Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) column, and you will see an estimate of how many products you should give away for each keyword over an eight-day period.

Follow this suggestion, and there is a high chance of ranking on the first page, which is the main priority for achieving a successful!


If you’ve been using Black Box, Magnet, and Cerebro tools, you should find it easy enough to create a list of well-researched products and keywords for you to sell on Amazon. However, you also probably have a massive list of keywords and phrases for each product that will require some tidying.

Frankenstein is a keyword processor tool included with Helium 10 and it will help you polish those rough diamonds you’ve found during your research. You easily export keyword information from Manget and Cerebro to Frankenstein, streamlining the entire process and saving you a lot of time.

It’s very easy to use, especially when exporting data, as all the keywords and phrases are copied into the processer. As anyone that’s worked with several software tools at one time can say, being able to transfer massive lists of keywords seamlessly is very convenient.

Once you have your keywords copied, simply select the filters you want (e.g., one word per line, remove duplicates, remove single words) and Frankenstein will create a new list in the desired format. You can now copy and paste frontend and backend keyword lists as needed!


Good listings are essential for success as an Amazon seller, but knowing how to optimise your listings with relevant keywords best can be difficult. Scribbles helps with this process, using the list of keywords you’ve developed in Frankenstein to generate listing suggestions that will get you a good organic ranking.

All keywords imported to Scribbles are arranged by color, clearly displaying which keywords are most relevant, with the highest searched words and phrases appearing in red. Basically, you use all the words colored in red first, followed by orange, green, blue, and black.

Any word you use is then crossed out, giving a clear idea of what keywords you still need to add, so the entire listing process becomes much easier and quicker when using Scribbles.

Keyword Tracker

Even the best-researched keywords and phrases don’t guarantee a successful listing, so it helps to be able to monitor their performance in your listings once they have launched.

The keyword tracker tool lets you easily monitor the performance of keywords and descriptions in each listing, clearly showing what is performing well and what isn’t, giving you the info you need to make appropriate changes.

When you click on a listing you are tracking, you’ll get a detailed overview of each keyword that is being tracked. This shows you its current rank, how it has improved, and a trend graph that shows its overall progress since launching.

Obviously, the goal is to always reach the first page on Amazon, and this tool lets you see how close you are to achieving this.

Index Checker

The Index Checker isn’t an essential tool for Amazon selling but still a handy one to have at your disposal. It will let you see what keywords Amazon are tracking, so if you are using words that aren’t being tracked, then you should replace as these bad keywords could be impacting the performance of your relevant keywords.


This is a useful tool for sellers with lots of product listings, altering you to whenever someone has hijacked your listing. The tool tracks your ASIN and sends a notification whenever someone is adjusting it any of your products, which can potentially cost you thousands in lost revenue.

The alert system tracks various things, including changes to the title, description, photo, and whether you’ve lost the buy box. All the info comes with timestamps so you know exactly when it happens, so if any fraudulent activity or unauthorized changes can take the necessary action.

Inventory Protector

Coupons offering discounts are a great way to get sales rolling and improve ranking but sometimes it comes back to bite you if you don’t have precautions in place. The inventory protector limits how many times one person can use a coupon on your products, ensuring nobody takes advantage of a loophole and buys all your stuff for next to nothing.


Trendsters is a tool used to determine the yearly trends for products and keywords.

Enter the ASIN for a product, and you get a sales overview for the year, which is great for seeing what products are seasonal and what have steady sales over the year. You can also search for keywords related to the product, which provides you with a Google Trends graph.

Various filters are available, allowing you to search over various date ranges (e.g., days, weeks, months), while you can expand each graph for a clear picture of the sales data (including price points and ranking) over a set period.

It’s a very useful tool to have, as you can see if something seasonal or if the demand is increasing/decreasing and whether the prices have changed over time, helping you make better-informed decisions on what products to pursue.


Misspelled keywords have a surprising amount of potential to increase traffic in sales. When people misspell a common keyword and your listing still appears, you could be one step ahead of the competition!

Misspellinator generates common misspellings of your keywords and phrases, which you can then add to the listing. This essentially casts a wider net for your product listing, as misspellings are more common than many sellers think, so there is untapped potential here that you should take advantage of!

Refund Genie

When Amazon loses or damages your products before they arrive, it comes straight out of your profits unless you take the time to get them reimbursed. While most sellers can see when they are due reimbursement, sometimes things fly under the radar.

Refund Genie ensures you never miss the chance to get your money back from lost or damaged stock. It will generate a detailed report that you can forward to Amazon to get your cashback. The tool can also review your seller account and determine whether you are due reimbursement for products you may have missed.


helium 10 review

This is a chrome extension that runs separately from Helium 10’s web browser suit. The plugin provides a lot of useful data when you are searching for the Amazon marketplace, so it’s well worth using during your early research phase.

All the market data you need to make informed decisions on what products to pursue is available using X-Ray. Any time you are searching for products on Amazon, run the extension, and see all the market data you need, including revenue, competition, sales, and much more.

Helium 10 – Our Verdict

Helium 10 is a fantastic product and keyword research tool that can be an invaluable asset to any Amazon seller. The range of tools are varied, with over 13 functions available in a single software solution, highlighting the incredible value for money the product offers.

Tools like Black Box, Magnet, and Cerebro can save you countless hours researching products and keywords, which is the most time-consuming work an Amazon seller does. Not only can it help you find niche products, but you’ll also know how to develop excellent listings that get the products on the front page, helping to increase sales and profits.

Other tools like Frankenstein and Scribbles can further streamline the research and listing processes, doing much of the heavy lifting for you, while the other tools certainly have their uses at each stage of your campaigns.

Helium 10 is an all in one software solution that we cannot recommend enough!

Helium 10 Review
Helium 10 Review

Our full review of helium 10 one of the best amazon tools currently on the market. Everything you need to know with a discount code included.

Product Brand: Helium10

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 37

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Helium 10 Review
Helium 10 Review

Our full review of helium 10 one of the best amazon tools currently on the market. Everything you need to know with a discount code included.

Product Brand: Helium10

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 37

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

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