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Trueranker Review

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Whether you’ve run a blog, sell physical products online or run any type of business, you likely already know the value of SEO. Search engine optimization helps to ensure your site is optimized for the user experience, allowing the search engine to properly index your site and show your page to more people. 

The use of the right keywords will significantly increase the odds of your page ranking well on Google and will help Google determine where to index your page. Finding the best keywords to rank for and tracking how they perform over time is extremely useful for optimizing your site’s SEO. 

That’s exactly what TrueRanker does. We’re here to provide an in-depth TrueRanker review, so you know what it does, its features, pricing, and benefits. Let’s begin!

Want To Try Trueranker?

What is Trueranker? 

Trueranker Review

TrueRanker is a software that finds relevant keywords and tracks their performance for your website. You can easily track their positions on Google based on various search terms. As a result, you can optimize your SEO performance and increase organic traffic to your site. 

Who is Trueranker for? 

Anyone with a website should consider TrueRanker. This platform is especially useful for website owners, local businesses, SEO consultants, eCommerce stores, startups, and even marketing agencies. 

The TrueRanker tool is especially useful for SEO consultants or marketing agencies who manage the websites of their clients. They offer a wide range of features such as SEO analysis, keyword tracking, keyword tracking, and more. 

Getting Started

Once you’ve signed up, you will get to the main dashboard, which they’ll require you to add your domain along with the keywords that you are looking to keep track of. The platform provides multiple ways to organize your keywords and track multiple domains. You can track a single domain, subdomains by URL, and even create folders for them. 

Adding keywords is easy. Just type in the keywords, or upload them in bulk via a CSV file. Additionally, you can also add the location you wish to track, which is useful for businesses that offer localized services. Optimizing for local SEO helps to capture a specific audience within a given area. 


Below is a summary of the available features that TrueRanker has to offer: 

Keyword Rank Tracker – With TrueRanker, you can easily monitor and track how your site’s keywords are performing locally and globally. The platform will provide daily reports and save the data, so you can see the progress your site has made over time.

Trueranker Review
Trueranker Keyword Tracking

SEO On-Page Checker – SEO audits can be expensive. With the On-Page Checker, you can analyze your site and your competitor’s sites. Then compare and contrast how your metrics stack up with theirs. You can see various metrics like search, CPC, page speed, volume, and more. This allows you to discover what they’re doing, so you can make your way to the top as well. 

Trueranker Review
Trueranker SEO Analyzer

Visibility Index – SEO visibility helps us find out how visible our site is in the search results when specific queries are entered. This allows us to analyze issues and determine solutions for optimization. By comparing your visibility over time and to other competitors, you can draw conclusions about changes and trends that you are seeing. 

Trueranker Review
Trueranker Visibility Index

Keyword Suggestions – Are you struggling to find the relevant keywords that you can rank for that would bring in more quality traffic to your site? The keyword suggestions tool allows you to find the right keywords that you can implement onto your site. You can choose to add new content revolving around the keywords or simply update your content with the new keywords. By optimizing all of your existing pages, you can better position your site to rank for more keywords. 

GSC Keywords – TrueRanker lets you pair Google Search Console so that you can easily import your keywords onto the software. Combining the data of both tools gives you insight into how your keywords are affecting your organic reach and traffic numbers. You can even draw correlations into which keywords are converting into leads and customers. 

Keyword Grouper Tool – Every website owner should have an SEO strategy. The keyword grouper tool allows you to group certain keywords into clusters. Separating search phrases into clusters that are relevant to various pages on your site can facilitate higher rankings. Also, it helps buyers to find content that is relevant to their needs. 

SEO Analyzer – TrueRanker is a versatile tool that offers SEO analytics as well. You can receive keyword analysis such as the traffic and backlinks received from your keywords, thus allowing you to improve your keyword selections. 

SEO Cannibalization Detection – This software can detect any duplicate or thin content on your site. As a result, you can go back and edit the content that needs more improvement to achieve higher rankings. 

  • A 14-day free trial lets you explore all of the features and determine whether the software is worth it or not 
  • Provides insight on how you can optimize your on-page SEO to boost rankings 
  • You receive daily keyword reports so that you can track its positioning 
  • Offers keyword suggestions based on your website’s niche 
  • Integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics 
  • Monitor local and global keywords and track key metrics like CPC, traffic, and estimated hits
  • The abundance of features available can seem overwhelming at first 
  • The platform doesn’t offer live chat support 


Trueranker Pricing
Trueranker Pricing

Compared to many alternatives on the market, TrueRanker is definitely one of the most affordable SEO tracking tools you’ll find. Hiring an SEO agency to audit your site can be expensive as well. 

If you’re new to SEO, the beginner report is enough to get started. For just $9.99, you can track 100 keywords and see whether you are gaining traction on your initial keywords. However, if you’re serious about monetizing and growing your website, we recommend choosing the Business or Agency plan. 

By paying only 2.5 times the cost more (from Advanced to Business plan), you get five times the number of available keywords to track and over three times the number of SEO content analyses. 

For those who manage many clients, it’s better to invest in the Agency tier. Furthermore, if you invest in the annual plan, the cost lowers by 30%! 

Want To Try Trueranker?


Here are the most common questions you may have about TrueRanker. 

Is TrueRanker worth it? 

Many website owners get caught up in posting a lot of content and building backlinks to drive traffic. While these are crucial elements to SEO success, they tend to overlook tracking their existing keyword rankings and performance. If you’re unaware of the keywords that are driving traffic to your website, then how would you be able to take advantage of them?

TrueRanker lets you analyze the positioning and performance of your keywords. Additionally, they’ll tell you how you can improve on the positioning based on SEO on-page metrics and offer suggestions for new keywords. For a low price, you’re getting a combination of keyword tracking, keyword research, and keyword analysis all in one! We believe that TrueRanker is worth the value you’re receiving in comparison to the cost.  

What are the best features from TrueRanker? 

In addition to keyword tracking, there are some other beneficial features. As mentioned, the keyword suggestion functionality allows you to find the most relevant and popular keywords based on your site’s niche. If you’re struggling to rank on the first page, it’s likely you’re trying to rank for the wrong keywords. Finding keywords with buyer’s intent or ones that are easier to rank for can help you attract more qualified visitors to your site. 

TrueRanker also allows you to review your keyword performance across all countries. Analyze how keywords are performing in other countries, which can give you insight as to whether you are bringing in the right kind of traffic to your site. 

The TrueRanker WordPress plugin allows you access to important project data such as CPC, volume, keywords, and more. You can view them at a glance as you’re publishing or editing your content for convenience. 

Why choose TrueRanker over alternative tools?

While there are other alternatives to keyword tracking, TrueRanker provides access to essential features at a low cost. You’ll receive daily reports to monitor how your keyword positioning is changing over time.

This lets you quickly get ahead and address any issues that arise. You can even check out competitors to take a glimpse at how you can improve your content as well. Not to mention, if you’ve already tried other keyword tracking tools and want to switch over to TrueRanker, they can sync all of your data from your previous tool onto TrueRanker for free. 

Final Thoughts 

Organic SEO is the key to long-term sustained success. Dominating relevant keywords in your niche lets you bring in a consistent flow of traffic for many months or even years from now. Tracking your keywords lets you stay on top of your competition, so you can retain your top ranking or move up in rankings. Not to mention, you’ll gain insight on how to improve your positioning. 

With a low monthly fee, there’s no reason not to invest in an SEO tool like TrueRanker. These tools can save you wasted hours of trial and error or pay an SEO consultant to make these changes for you. In fact, many SEO agencies are using tools just like this one. Now you’re ready to take action and use the TrueRanker tool to your advantage. 

Trueranker Review | Is It The Best Keyword Tracking Tool?
Trueranker Review

Wondering if Trueranker is the best keyword tracking tool for your business? Here’s a comprehensive review of all the features it offers.

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