Jasper AI Review: Are Robots Better Writers Than You?


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Jasper AI Review

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Are you a writer? Do you sometimes feel like you’re not good enough? Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Even the best writers have days where they feel like they can’t write anything decent.

But what if there was a way to make your writing better? What if there was a robot that could help you write better content? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not.

Jasper AI offers a service that helps writers create better content. In this review, we will take a closer look at Jasper AI and see how it works.

Key Takeaway: Jasper AI is very helpful to elevate writer’s block and help aid your writing. The output is high quality and it’s well worth the investment.

What is Jasper AI and what are its features?

AI tools have seen a massive increase in adoption in recent years as they help users to automate repetitive tasks and workflows. Jasper AI is an AI tool that helps writers create better content.

Jasper AI has multiple templates depending on the content you are writing. These include personalized cold emails, social media captions, and product descriptions for e-commerce websites.

Jasper AI also includes a long-form editor which helps you to write better articles and blog posts.

In addition, Jasper AI also offers a plagiarism checker (with an additional cost) to make sure that your content is original.

Here’s a quick 2-minute video of Jasper AI and what it can do for you:

How does Jasper AI work?

So, how does all of this work? Jasper AI works by using artificial intelligence mixed with machine learning to help you write better content. The AI algorithm is trained on a large data set of articles, blog posts, and other content.

This helps Jasper AI to learn the style and tone of your writing. It also helps it to understand the topics that you are writing about.

As Jasper AI is one of the market leaders in this field it continues to learn and churn out extremely good content in multiple niches.

Fancy 10,000 Free Credits?

Who’s Behind Jasper AI?

Jarvis AI Review Meet The Team

Jasper AI is the brainchild of Dave Rogenmoser (CEO) and started off small but has now grown significantly over the past months due to the success of the software.

However, it’s not been all plain sailing as they’ve had to pivot their business model a few times to get to where they are now.

The team behind Jasper AI is very passionate about helping people and businesses create better content and success for their userbase which is why it’s doing so well today.

Pros and cons of using Jasper AI 

As with all software, there are pros and cons to using Jasper AI. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and drawbacks of using this tool:


  • Helps you to write better content.
  • Comes with a wide range of templates.
  • Includes a long-form editor which is by far the market leader.
  • Plagiarism checker available (for an additional cost).
  • Very active community and Facebook group.


  • Expensive compared to others on the market.
  • No lifetime deal.
  • A pretty steep learning curve if you’ve not used AI tools before.

It’s worth mentioning here, that Jasper has a lot more positives than negatives. The few drawbacks it has are easily outweighed by the benefits it provides.

If you’re a content creator and can afford the investment, then Jasper AI is definitely worth considering. It’s one of the best tools on the market for helping you to write better content.

How To Use Jasper AI – Tutorials

jasper AI Tutorials

If you’re not sure how to get started with Jasper AI, don’t worry. The team behind it has thought about this.

They offer Jasper Bootcamp which is the first thing you should do when signing up as this will give you an overview of how the software works.

Once you’ve completed the BootCamp access, you’ll be able to the tutorials which will teach you how to use all of the features that Jasper AI offers.


Jasper also has a number of recipes from like-minded content creators to help generate content quickly. These include blog posts, amazon product reviews, and rewriting/ expanding blog posts.

Jasper AI Growth and Aq

Jasper AI Acquisitions

A key indicator to any software company’s success is whether they’re making any acquisitions and Jasper AI is no different.

To date, they’ve acquired two companies which are Headlime and ShortlyAI.

Both of these acquisitions have made Jasper AI an even more powerful content creation tool and have helped them to become one of the market leaders.

As for growth, Jasper AI is doing very well. In the past year, they’ve increased their user base significantly and still managed to keep the platform very stable.

Alternatives to Jasper AI

Since the release of Jasper AI, there have been many software companies trying to compete in this space. These are just some that I’ve personally tested and still have subscriptions for:

WordHero (Get The LTD on Appsumo)


WriterZen (Get The LTD on Appsumo)



Some others which I can’t currently comment on as I’ve not yet tested are:

ClosersCopy (testing soon)


With the few that I have tested, I can say that they are all good alternatives to Jasper.ai and more budget-friendly. But, if you can afford it, Jasper.ai is still the market leader and ahead of the game when it comes to quality of output.

Jasper Ai Pricing

Jasper AI Pricing

Now, this is where it gets interesting! Jasper AI has had a few pricing changes since they first launched. The current pricing is as follows:

Starter plan (Doesn’t include boss mode)

$29/mo* up to 20,000 words per month.

This price increases by how many words you need per month but is capped at $49/month until you get over 50,000 words.

Boss Mode (highly recommended)

$59/mo* up to 50,000 words per month.

Again, this is capped at $59/month at 50,000 if you need more than that the price goes up.

If your budget can stretch I highly recommend you go for the Boss Mode as it’s definitely worth the investment.

Fancy 10,000 Free Credits?

Plagiarism Checker

jasper ai plagiarism Checker

Now, I mentioned earlier that for an additional cost you can get a plagiarism checker with Jasper AI.

This is a great feature to have as it ensures your content is original. This can be topped up on an as-needed basis and is charged by the number of words that need to be checked.


Seats are basically other users on your account. This is great for teams or if you need to outsource content creation. The more seats you have, the less per-word cost it is.

These are free (up to 10 users on BossMode) but you will be charged if your team goes over your limit.


Jasper AI does offer some discounts, it’s well worth signing up to their newsletter but these are far and few between.

Jasper also offers 10,000 words free, so if you’re still on the fence, I’d definitely recommend you try out their free trial.

Affiliate Program

Jasper AI also has an affiliate program which is a great way to make some extra income. You can earn up to 30% recurring commission each month which is very generous.

Jasper AI Reviews:

Now, you’ve heard what I think about the software but what are other people saying?

Well, Jasper AI has been getting some great reviews.

At current Jasper has a 4.8 score with 2118 reviews on TrustPilot.

jasper Ai trustpliot review

It also has over 500 5* reviews on g2.com.

jasper ai g2.com reviews

Most people are loving the software and find it very helpful. A lot of people also recommend the BossMode as it really does make a difference to the quality of your content.

Jasper AI Support and Community

jasper AI facebook group

Jasper AI has a Facebook community group for people using the software. If you need help, want to ask a question, or just want to chat with other users, this is the place to go.

This is very active and currently has 54,000 members!

As for support, Jasper AI has a very comprehensive help center. This is where you’ll find answers to all your questions, from how to use the software to troubleshooting tips.

If you still can’t find what you need, there’s also a support live chat and email support.

Wrapping Things Up – Is Jasper AI Worth The Money?

Jasper AI is an excellent tool that can help you improve your writing skills. It’s great for beginners and more experienced writers alike.

If you’re serious about improving your writing, then Jasper AI is definitely worth the investment.

It’s the market leader in AI-powered writing assistance and has a lot to offer users in terms of features, support, and community.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Jasper AI plagiarize?

No, Jasper AI does not plagiarize. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and uses your specific content goals to help you write better.

Can I try Jasper for free?

Yes, you can try Jasper AI for free. The trial allows you to use all the features of the software for 10,000 words you can sign up here.

Why is Jarvis now Jasper?

Jasper AI was formerly known as Jarvis AI. The company rebranded in 2022 as Disney wasn’t happy with the company using the name Jarvis. Instead of fighting a legal battle, the company changed its name to Jasper AI. (wise choice)

Is Jasper AI worth it?

Yes, Jasper AI is worth it. The software can help you improve your writing skills, which will in turn help you make more money. It’s great for beginners and more experienced writers alike.

Jasper AI
Jasper AI Review: Are Robots Better Writers Than You?

Jasper AI is very helpful to elevate writer’s block and help aid your writing. The output is high quality and it’s well worth the investment.

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