Oddsmonkey Review

Oddsmonkey Review

In case you have decided to give matched betting a shot, then you might be wondering what matched betting service to try. Well, there are quite a few services that are available; below is a full review of Oddsmonkey one of the market leaders.

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What we liked about Oddsmonkey

Oddsmonkey has the most extensive selections of sign-up offers with around 60+ different bookmakers, which is good news for the newcomers, as this means quick and easy profits can be made.

It is also packed with user-friendly features including automatic lay betting, which will save you hours of time, this is exclusive to Oddsmonkey. Daily offer calendars and some of the most intuitive guides in the industry.

Oddsmonkey is a matched betting website whose main aim is to provide the best value to their customers, by offering them all of the tools at the cheapest price. They have highly competitive costs and a 7-day risk-free trial.

How does it work?

It is a matched betting service that shares bookmaker offers through its online posts every day – collating each and every offer from more than a hundred bookies.

Not only do they share the offers by the bookies, but Oddsmonkey also shares the exact way you can guarantee profits with them. This might sound confusing at first as betting and guaranteed aren’t usually two words you would see in the same sentence. However, with Oddsmonkey and the use of matched betting, this really is the case. In fact, we’ve managed to make over four figures with Oddsmonkey.

Instructions & Guides

This is the perfect starting place for newcomers as all the sign-up offers have easy to follow instructions and guidelines. Some even include videos with written instructions to guide you whilst you learn the basics. The offers are star rated from easy to hard with the earning potential from each offer clearly shown. We’ve tested multiple matched betting platforms in the past and believe that Oddsmonkey’s attention to detail with this really helps reducing the learning curve.

Oddsmonkey Software

Interestingly, Oddsmonkey started off as a supplier of software to other betting websites, so it is no surprise that they have one of the best softwares available, with top-notch tools and products. Now that they have become a full-blown matched betting website, their software remains as their major strength. This provoked Profit Accumulator, which is their main competition, to come up with their own software too. This continuous battle for best matched betting provider only benefits its customers even more. Updates, improvements and new tools are frequently implemented which is usually free of charge at Oddsmonkey! This isn’t the case with other matched betting providers.


This was the original product of Oddsmonkey which kept most betting websites functioning smoothly, until Oddsmonkey decided to venture into this field themselves. Oddsmonkey’s product, Oddsmatcher, is the best odds searcher in the industry. It will find every single bet that you need to complete any offers you desire. Its lightning quick and very accurate with the ability for filtering which makes the whole thing seamless. 

Matched Betting Calculator

Oddsmonkey has a very accurate betting calculator on their website which will do all the hard work for you. It’s very informative and simple to use. You just need to enter the back/lay stakes and the odds, the calculator will do the rest. This will tell you the exact amount you need to bet and at bookmakers and the exchange. It will also provide a profit breakdown so you know how much you’ll earn from the bet.

Exchange Integration

Oddsmonkey has exclusively integrated their software with Betfair. This is the first ever matched betting company to do so. It’s now even quicker to place matched bets on the exchange, this is a massive game changer. It also eliminates any chance of making a mistake when placing your lay bet at the exchange, as Oddsmonkey does it automatically for you.

Profit Tracker

This is a fairly new tool added by Oddsmonkey which is a lifesaver for any matched better. Bet tracking is now a thing of the past, Oddsmonkey have added a tool that does it all for you. This saves so much time and hassle with complicated spreadsheets. All your profits are now tracked directly within the Oddsmonkey website you can see exactly what you’ve made in profits for the month. Click on the image below to check that out.

Casino Offers

This often catches everyone’s attention. You can easily exploit casino and bingo offers using Oddsmonkey. Although they usually focus on matched betting offers they regularly have casino offers as well. They provide an EV calculator on their website, through which you can calculate whether the offer from the casino is worth doing and whether it is profitable or not. Casino offers always carry extra risk as there are no guarantees however, they can be very lucrative if done correctly. 

How much can you make?

According to Oddsmonkey, you can make up to £1,000-plus per month by using their services. This, however, depends on each individual as well as on how much time you are able to spend on this. What we can say is £1,000 per month is definitely an achievable goal, in fact, we believe its a pretty low estimate from Oddsmonkey. As you can see below, many users on Oddsmonkey are achieving far more than this per month. Some even do this as a full-time job.

This is a genuine screenshot from a member on the Oddsmonkey Forums:

User experience

There is no doubt that Oddsmonkey offers the best customer service that a company can offer. Users are extremely happy with their support and the willingness of their staff to help people by email and phone ready answer all sorts of queries.

How much does it cost?

Oddsmonkey has a very competitive pricing structure which includes monthly and annual subscriptions at a nice discounted price. Better still, they offer a free trial to test all the services before you sign up.


They have remarkable matched betting software which gives them an edge over their competition. They have a highly competitive monthly fee, which is quite a bit cheaper than others in the industry. However, no one is perfect; we found a few cons:

  • Sometimes they have fewer daily offers as compared to their competition.
  • Their forum is not as active and engaging as it could be.
  • They only have a few video tutorials to help through the betting process.


Most people who used Oddsmonkey have great stories to share. How much they were able to save up and how easy it is to use this service.

Oddsmonkey, in a nutshell, goes above and beyond to support and help you to maximise your income. It is an excellent forum for not just old and experienced betters, but also for newcomers. Customers who use Oddsmonkey rarely have a wrong word to say about this company, the reviews speak for themselves. Most claim that it is straightforward to use and allows them to make money from home. 

Oddsmonkey has come a long way over the past years, from a basic Oddsmatcher to a fully-fledged matched betting service provider. We’ve tested most of them and agree, it’s one of (if not) the best service out there.

We highly recommend you take advantage of the free trial offered. This will give you a chance to test it out for yourself. You also have the opportunity to earn up to £45 whilst you decide. 

Oddsmonkey Review

In case you have decided to give matched betting a shot, then you might be wondering what matched betting service to try. Well, there are quite a few services that are available; below is a full review of Oddsmonkey one of the market leaders.

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