Dropshipping Product Research Tools

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If you’re involved in the dropshipping world, one of the most important things is finding the right products for your audience. The competition is fierce, and staying top and relevant will always be the name of the game. Over the past years, we’ve reviewed countless dropshipping product research tools and services. This guide will hopefully help you pick the one which is best suited to your needs.

Dropshipping Product Research Tools – Our Top 5 Picks


Pexda Review

We’ve already written a comprehensive review of Pexda here. It’s one of the market leaders when it comes to dropshipping product research. The database on products to sell is huge, as well as very in-depth.

They offer you everything from ad copy, stores that currently sell the product, and easy to view profit margins.

The pricing structure is very reasonable, considering the tools they offer with the choice of a $1.95/14 days sign up. We have no doubts that with Pexda, you will be able to find a winning product and recuperate the costs without any issues.




Another front runner which is in high competition with Pexda. Ecomhunt’s website might not look as nice as Pexdas, but the overall functionality and profit-making products make up for that. They offer fresh products that are hot right now as well as the option to directly import into Oberlo. Again the ad copy is all set up, profit margins are shown clearly, and other stores selling the product are shown.

With Ecomhunt, you have the advantage of two free products per day on the free account. But the magic really starts happening when you go premium (costing $29/per month). But keep in mind Ecomhunt offers a lot of discounts throughout the year, so it’s well worth checking them out.

If you would like to read out the full review of Ecomhunt, check it out here.


Dropship Spy

DropShip Spy

Dropship Spy has had a huge overhaul of the interface and website in 2020 and now looks much better. The usability is now a lot sleeker, and the pricing has also been reduced! Dropship Spy does everything you would expect from a product research tool, hot products, integrated with Shopify, and ready to use Video Ads.

The pricing starts at $15 per month for the standard plan and ranges up to $20 for the Pro plan. This is a huge reduction, as this used to be priced at $60 per month. We would highly recommend if you’re looking at Dropship Spy, you opt-in for the Pro plan as this includes Instagram influencers, review downloads, and you can even request products in your niche. This isn’t included in a lot of dropshipping product research tools so big plus point to Dropship Spy.

For the full Dropship Spy review, please check out this page.


Niche Scraper

Niche scraper Review

This is a fairly new product research tool compare to the others, but not one to be missed. Again, they offer everything any dropshipper would require for product research. However, they do have a few pretty cool tricks up their sleeve!

Aside from the slick user interface and easy to use tools, Niche Scraper offers some extra marketing tools such as the Video Ad Maker, which can help you create your ad copy directly on the site. Niche Scraper also has built in-store analytics, which will help you create a better store than your competitors. This is something we haven’t seen before which is a really interesting concept

The only downside is the pricing, Niche Scraper has a free option which has limited access to products. The Pro plan is £39.00 per month, which is a bit expensive compared to other tools on the market. But, if you’re inexperienced with creating video ad copies, this tool could save you a lot of time.

We do also have a massive discount of 55% off, which you can find on our full review.


Commerce Inspector

Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Commerce inspector is a fantastic dropshipping tool. It’s slightly different from other tools available as it’s a web application rather than a website. This tool is incredibly powerful and very useful. Having the ability too quickly gather store data while surfing the web.

One of the main benefits of Commerce Inspector is that the tool is a free plugin, you can opt-in for the paid version if you’re lacking features. However, the free version will give you all the basics you need to find hot Shopify products.

You can check out our full review of Commerce Inspector here.


Sell The Trend


Sell the trend is a fairly new tool in the world of dropshipping. However, they have been receiving raving reviews, and it’s for a good reason. Sell the trend has everything you would need and want from a dropshipping product research tool.

Sell the trend works differently to other product research tools as it uses AI to scan through Facebook and pick out winning products. This is extremely powerful and a very new feature. This helps sell the trend to stay on top of the game as AI can quickly pick up a post that on receiving a lot of engagement.

On top of this, sell the trend offers a plethora of other features such as Instagram influences analytic data, Facebook ads creator, and one-click add to store. Sell the trend is definitely a tool you want to keep an eye out for, as we believe it will be one of the front runners by the end of the year.

You can get a 7-day free trial with sell the trend here.

If you would like more information on Sell the trend, you can read our full review here.


Dropshipping Product Research Tools – Our Verdict

We hope that our dropshipping product research tools guide has helped you make your decision. All the tools listed above will do an ample job of product research, and we are sure that you can make a decent return on your investment. One thing to note, you don’t necessarily need dropshipping research tools. However, it takes a lot of the legwork and pain out of product research without a winning product, you will find it hard to make an income with dropshipping.


What’s the best free alternative dropshipping product research tool?

In all honesty, most of the free tools cannot compete with some of the listed tools above. However, as mentioned in this guide, a lot of the tools offer free trials as well as discounted pricing for the first month. So why not take advantage of that and even if you use the tool for one month and find a winning product, the tool should pay for itself.

We would always recommend installing Commerce Inspector in conjunction with other tools as this is technically free, although limited data is given.

You didn’t mention AliExpress dropshipping center?

We have written a full comprehensive review of AliExpress dropped shipping center previously; you can read it here.

Which dropshipping in product research tools do you recommend for beginners?

If you’re still confused about which tool to go for, we would recommend that you give some of the free trials a go to see which tool best suits you. From our own personal experience Pexda and Sell the trend have a very clean and easy to navigate the site. Also, both of these either offer free trials or reduced pricing so its well worth taking advantage of that.

Do I really need a product research tool?

Product research tools are not essential, but we do recommend them. It’s all about weighing up your time and making the process as simple as possible. If you have the time to research your competitors, check Facebook ads and search for the best suppliers on Aliexpress, then you may not need a product research tool. But if you’re looking to streamline the whole process or don’t have time to research for hours, then we would say the tools are well worth investing in.