Shoptimized Theme Review

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With the increased popularity of e-commerce businesses and dropshipping, the number of entrepreneurs using Shopify stores as the hub of their business has shot up. Every entrepreneur wants a high conversion rate on their Shopify store. But unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. One of the important reasons for this may be poor design layout of your store, here’s where the Optimized Theme comes in.

Founded by Conversion Rate Expert, Bradley Long, the Shoptimized Theme is one of the most popular themes for dropship stores. An out-of-the-box but simple theme that’s meant for serious Shopify business owners who want high conversion rates on their store, the Shoptimized Theme helps reduce the monthly costs of running a store. While it’s the most preferred theme and definitely helps save money, to know if it’s truly the best theme for your store, read this comprehensive Shoptimized Theme review.


The Shoptimized Theme, like many other premium themes, gives you access not just to a standard template but to a very different range of apps that will help you save money in the long run. There are 30+ plugins features offered by the theme currently, including entry/exit popups, internal search for products, stock remaining counter, add to cart option, shipping estimates, as well as currency switchers/personalizers.



Top Menu

Of all the features, one of the most impressive is the customization feature, which allows your top menu to be as uniquely tailored to your store’s needs as possible. The menu can include anything from a currency converter to a cart icon. The customization also allows you to link to internal pages of the store, such as pricing, FAQ blog, about us, contact us, support, reviews, my account,  to the top menu. In addition, you can also add your store logo, social media icons and a search box with predictive search in the middle of your page

Masterful customization is often key to making your store stand out from the rest, so this feature, which allows owners to customize their store, makes the Shoptimized Theme particularly useful.


The next key feature is the huge banner on your homepage that allows editing to suit your needs. How eye-catching your banner looks is a huge selling point to drive up traffic to your store.

The Shoptimized Theme helps with organization as it allows shop owners to include product collection with individual tags showcasing details such as price and a product review as well as icons like free delivery and quick buy. As one scroll down, the header banner will automatically convert to a thinner menu containing information like phone number, logo, and search bar – this is also customizable.

A feedback button/form can also be added to the middle of the page following as one scrolls. And at the bottom of the page, there is an option for an HTML block where testimonials or advertorial images and videos of your products in use can be added. Once again, the shining star of the Shoptimized Theme is the customization feature that allows owners to add these images/videos/testimonials in a grid, a carousel, or any other way using columns and rows as they see fit.


Products Page

Similar to the individual collections on the homepage, you can add images of products sold in your store tag them with specific tags. The product information tab also allows owners to enter descriptions, shipping details, delivery, and return info as well as product reviews from customers. The page allows owners to add popup upsells once a product has been added by a customer to their cart. Beneath a customer’s chosen product, a slideshow of both related and other random products cycle through.  The Shoptimized theme also offers the ability to add secure checkout graphics beneath the add to cart button.

Shoptimized also offers a unique floating bar feature that follows you down the products page as you scroll with information such as the product name, price, reviews, and a quick add to cart option.

Footer Page

The footer page allows the addition of a call to action boxes above the footer for actions like -but not limited to – satisfaction guarantee or secure checkout. Beneath the CTA boxes is the footer with an email subscription widget to generate mailing list subscribers, as well as the option of other widgets for adding details like phone numbers, on-site contact/message form, and other information such as social media( Facebook, Instagram, etc.) . Shopify owners can also link to their support desk and add ‘track your order pages,’ using widgets.

Cart Page

Shoptimized has a wide range of cart pages to offer, usually including the title, a thumbnail image, total price plus the usual view my cart and checkout buttons. You can add upsells that read ‘You’re X amount away from free shipping’ to encourage a higher count of items to be added to the cart.

On the actual checkout page, countdown timers to cart expiry can be added. Other than that, the checkout – which rather standard -also offers the option to add the store logo.


The main goal of the Shoptimized theme is to boost conversation rates of Shopify stores. As such some of the key features which set Shoptimized from other alternatives are as follows;


  • The timer is a fantastic leverage tool that urges customers to purchase products because it reminds them that it’s available only for a limited time or that a special offer is ending soon – the urgency to gain a product before it runs outdrives up the conversion rate.
  • Similarly, Shoptimized allows store owners to add a tag to products to display a timer indicating how much stock of a particular product is remaining and for how long.
Shoptimized Theme Review
Shoptimized Theme Review


  • Both the IP recognition and the currency switcher allows for a better connection with international customers.
  • The GEO-IP recognition helps you recognize which country a customer is visiting your Shopify store from and lets you personalize their shopping experience.
  • International customers are also likely to convert to purchase when they view products in their own currency. Thus the currency conversion feature of the app is a valuable part of the Shoptimized theme.


  • The Shoptimized theme lets entrepreneurs sell personalized/customizable items at higher prices. The theme has the product customization features built-in, helping cut related costs.
  • Product badging is a key merchandising feature that helps highlight items on sale or those with free shipping for free – a huge advantage when compared to other e-commerce platforms that charge up to $30k per year for the same.


  • Surprise discounts and the added urgency/scarcity features ensure that conversions sky-rocket on your store.
  • Coupon codes delivered by email are often cumbersome for customers, but Shoptimized gets around this by using a feature where a customer’s discount code is revealed as soon as they enter their email address on the site, enabling them to checkout straightaway – no distractions, more purchases!
Shoptimized Theme Review
Shoptimized Theme Review


  • Easy to understand, use and manage; the top menu even offers a demo theme that’s fairly good quality
  • The pricing is affordable, low costs of running the store, and the amount of money saved – it allows for thousands of dollars to be saved per year from the monthly Shopify app- by using the Shoptimized theme is one of the major reasons it’s popular.
  • User-friendly and dedicated support available – The built-in SEO and themes alongside a very fast store and page loading speed makes using Shoptimized a pleasant experience for both the shop owners and the customers. In case of any problems, there is a dedicated support team reachable via the store’s top menu and footer as well as groups on social media like Facebook for trouble-shooting.


  • Add-on services: These additional services for conversion are not as interesting as themes such as KonversionTheme or eCom Turbo.
  • Hard to handle if a one-page store: Features such as the floating bar which follow along as a customer scrolls can be distracting and frustrate people as they look through products. Additionally, for a one-page store, this feature isn’t particularly useful as it for a store with multiple product pages.
  • Not as attractive on mobile: While perfectly eye-catching on desktop, the store layout using Shoptimized isn’t particularly attractive on mobile devices.

Shoptimized review – FINAL THOUGHTS

Concluding this Shoptimized Theme review, it is clear that Shoptimized helps a Shopify store owner to eliminate costs spent on popups and upsells, free shipping, currency switcher, and much more as they are already built-in with this theme. Available on the most popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Trackify and Klaviyo, Shoptimized is – despite a few minor drawbacks- the best Shopify theme available for anyone who is serious about starting and running a business on Shopify.

Shoptimized Theme Review | UPDATED For 2022 A Must Read
Shoptimized Theme Review

The most in-depth and up to date Shoptimized Theme Review of 2020. Is this currently the best Shopify dropshipping theme available? A must-read.

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