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Matched betting is one of the safest ways to gamble and has become one of the easiest ways for beginners to get started. However, this method greatly depends on the free offers provided on matched betting sites. Without any guidance, it can be extremely time-consuming to comb through gambling sites for free offers. We compiled a list of offer sites so that you can find the best matched betting sites for your needs.

Best Matched Betting Sites in the Market

WebsiteRating (Out Of 5)Free Sign Up Links
Oddsmonkey Free Trial
Profit Accumulator5
Profit Accumulator Free Trial
Profit Maximiser4.5
Profit Maximiser £1 Trial
Profit Squad4
Profit Squad £1 Trial
MatchedBets £1 Trial

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator

According to Profit Accumulator, they offer the most free bet offers compared to any other matched betting site. Their team scours the internet daily to find the best offers. They test those offers and create detailed strategy guides to help you gameplan on maximizing your profits on these offers. Profit Accumulator has calculated that they’ve found over 100 more offers than their main competitor, and that means would cost you an extra £600 in profit. With their oddsmatcher tool, you can quickly compare odds between betting exchanges and bookmakers. This software also includes a match catcher tool designed explicitly for near-real-time horsing racing odds. Most other software takes over three minutes to update, while this tool takes less than 60 seconds. For horse racing, it’s essential to have up to date horse racing odds, since they can change in a hurry!

Additionally, Profit Accumulator has a fully functional mobile app for both Android and iOS devices so that you can access the full list of bookmaker offers, profit calculators, and tutorials on your mobile device.




Oddsmonkey is of the best matched betting sites that helps consumers save time and increase profits with their daily offer calendar. Every day, you can scan through their list of daily offers to find the right offers to place your bets on. You can see how much money you can make on each bet, mark the ones you’ve completed, and hidden the offers that you’re not interested in. Besides their daily offer calendar, you get other match tools to find the best bets to place your money on based on various sporting niches or strategies. These tools include AccaMatcher, Racing Matcher, Dutch Macher, Easy Way Matcher, Tennis Matcher, and more. Even if you’ve used up all the free bets and welcome offers, Oddsmonkey will tell you how to continue the process of matched betting through existing customer offers. There are hundreds of training videos on their site to teach you all about matched betting and other strategies to earn a more significant profit.


Profit Squad

Profit Squad

In 2015, Profit Squad officially launched. They provide hundreds of offers to their users at a fairly reasonable price point. Users can test out the service for 14 days for only £1. There are new customer offers available upon registration. All new customers receive daily reload bonuses and exclusive discounts. What makes Profit Squad unique from other matched betting sites is their ability to help their users succeed truly. They offer training such as advanced casino strategies, unique dutching strategies, and include an advanced casino EV calculator. For beginners, their in-depth training teaches members what matched betting is, and strategies on how to maximize their site for profit. Their team also uploads new offers daily and provides a step-by-step guide for each one. There are handy tools like the auto-updating odds matcher, accumulator tool, matched betting calculator, dutching tool, and horse racing matcher. These tools help to find the right offers for you and show you the potential profit in advance. Their customer support is available seven days a week for any questions or concerns.


Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser

Although Profit Maximiser is one of the least popular betting sites out there, it’s still a contender for having some of the best free offers out there. Even though the other sites are betting for sporting events, Profit maximizer tends to post unique casino offers with favorable odds. Casino offers are likely a higher risk than sporting events since more outcomes are in play; the potential earnings are quite lucrative. Their forums are run through Facebook, so it’s much easier to connect with other users about the best offers and strategies to win on their platform. The disadvantage of using Profit Maximiser is that the website seems a bit disorganized, and you need to pay a one time fee for the site, rather than paying for smaller monthly fees.



matched bets review

MatchedBets is a tool specifically designed for beginners and offers an array of free bets for new players to jump onto. After registration, new members receive access to over £1200 worth of welcome offers. For existing members, they receive offers daily with instructions on how to approach each one. With their odds matcher tool, you know exactly what the best markets are, and know the ideal stakes to place your bet on. When it comes to long-term success, it’s crucial to look back at your data to see what has worked and which hasn’t. Instead of using spreadsheets or handwritten notes, you can track your bets directly on their software to gauge how all of your bets have performed. Their calculator has nine different pre-set choices so that players can calculator profits based on different offers like receiving free bets or bonuses that are paid in cash.


Best Matched Betting Sites – Wrapping It Up

Finding under-the-radar offers is crucial when it comes to matched betting. Note that we only included paid membership sites on our list. Free sites tend to display offers that get thousands of offers daily, meaning these offers are likely extremely saturated and payout low profits. Furthermore, your account runs a much higher risk of getting shut down because they can easily detect people who are only looking for free bets.

We believe that OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator are the best matched betting sites because of their array of offers displayed along with its advanced tools. They have a tool for everything like horse refunds, tennis games, football matches, accumulators, and more. For beginners, there are simple tutorial videos and guides to help you along the way.

We did a full comparison review of both providers here

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