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Digital marketers require a wide range of tools and services to sell things online. Most tend to jump from service provider to service provider depending on what they need, while things like sales funnels, email marketing, and web hosting are usually essentials, so the average marketer is typically using multiple services at once.

Not only does this become quite expensive to maintain it’s usually a big hassle, like flipping between all the different tools and services you need wastes a lot of time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere.

This is where tools like Builderall can help make life easier for every digital marketer

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a digital marketing platform developed by Erick Salgado that launched in 2017. It markets itself as an all-in-one digital marketing solution, which is on point as the site offers a range of digital marketing tools on a single platform.

Those working in online marketing can use any number of these tools to help grow their businesses There are a variety of marketing tools available on the platform, all of which are managed using a single interface on Builderall, saving a lot of time and hassle jumping between service providers for your digital marketing needs.


As a cloud-based service, Buiderall provides a range of digital marketing building tools directly on their website, so users don’t need to download any hardware. Everything is accessed through the Builderall suite, where you’ll find all the various digital marketing tools in one handy location.

These tools are all simple to use and offer everything a digital marketer needs to make money online, with building tools to help develop web pages, sales funnels, email campaigns, webinars, videos, and much more.


While there are several features included with Builderall, the core building tools are the web page builder, sales funnel builder, and email marketing service.

These tools give any aspiring marketer the foundations they need to make money online, while experienced marketers benefit from having all these essential tools available in a single platform.

Speaking of the platform, every feature is accessed through the Builderall webpage and you may be surprised by the number of options available. After signing in, you’re taken to the dashboard where you access all the different tools.

The user interface is excellent, with a sleek design and tools that are easily navigated on the sidebar of the dashboard. All the tools are clearly marked on the sideboard and are well organized, so you don’t need to spend too long navigating through countless menus just to find one tool.

Let’s take a look at the main features available from Builderall:

Building Tools

Builderall’s main feature is its building tools (called Pixel Perfect Builder) that let you design and create landing pages, sales funnels, and blogs. Using a drop and drag interface, creating engaging pages, funnels, and blogs are relatively straight-forward, while it also makes editing the pages much more straightforward.

builderall pixel perfect builder

You start creating pages by choosing one of the many templates available. There is an excellent selection of templates, all of which have stylish designs and there are various niches covered too, so finding the right page for needs is easy enough.

Some pages do look quite similar with only minor differences, although the comprehensive editing feature means you can customize any of the pages to get the right design. A useful feature is the inclusion of landing page templates that are designed for sales funnels, giving you a great starting point.

You can easily customize any page to your requirements, with the drag and drop interface making it simple to change any page. This is especially useful for beginners, as you simply grab any element you want to add, remove, or edit and drag it with your mouse.

Beyond this, you can edit text, create shortcuts, design graphics, Facebook covers, blog designs, headers, and much more.

While the building tool may lack advanced features offered by other services, its certainly got enough to cater to most marketing needs, and you don’t need to be an expert to create a professional website, e-commerce store, landing pages, sales pages, and virtually any other digital marketing page.

Email Marketing

Builderall provides an email marketing service called MailingBoss. This is easily one of the best features outside of the page-building tools, as it offers a comprehensive range of tools to develop successful email campaigns.

builderall mailingboss

For examples, you can create email lists based on existing or new contact information, you can set up automated sequences (including targeting and segmentation) for easier management of your contacts and campaigns.

Better still, you can create sophisticated automation for individual contacts using the workflow builder. It’s not as comprehensive as a dedicated email service provider but still offers plenty of dynamic automated commands for better management of your email contacts.

Like the page building features, this tool comes with an excellent selection of templates to get you started, while you can easily customize all your email templates.

Design Studio

The design studio is a cool feature from Builderall, giving the opportunity to produce a range of mock designs for products and adverts you might be selling on your site. Not only is it useful for creating product designs but also developing presentations, graphics, and editing photos.

For example, if you want to upload a digital product image, such as a mobile phone graphic, and then add your own image or video inside of these holders, the design studio lets you do so with relative ease.

builderall design studio

It has countless digital images you can edit and lets you upload your own photos and videos with these digital product designs. The presentation feature isn’t too advanced, and you may find PowerPoint does the trick.

Also, the photo editing suite isn’t going to offer anywhere near the same functions as Photoshop, but it does cover all the editing basics so still has plenty of use, especially for marketers that only require standard editing features.


Builderall already provides video hosting on its landing builder tool, so this video feature is slightly different from what many might assume. Rather than being a video hosting tool, this functions as a video creation tool for both animated and floating videos.

Essentially, it’s a tool for creating marketing specific videos for your pages. The animation tool offers a simple yet effective video creation feature, with most of the content being text-based. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as you can create short and snappy videos for your pages.

The floating video feature is quite standard for any video hosting page, which is included in the web page tool function, allowing you to set videos to remain in the view across the entire page. It’s a very convenient video tool function that most marketers will find useful at some stage.


Webinars are a powerful marketing tool used to promote products and services online but running a webinar multiple times each year is going to set you back a fair amount of money. The fact that Builderall provides a webinar hosting feature with their other tools highlights the great value for money this all in one marketing tool has to offer.

You can host live and recorded webinars, the latter of which can be displayed as if it were live. You can embed these into your website with different settings and accessibility, letting everyone or limited people join the webinars and leave comments.

This is all controlled through the webinar tab on the dashboard and setting these up is relatively straight-forward, with all the settings clearly defined as you process through the setup. When broadcasting webinars, you can have a direct feed of your webcam or your desktop.

While not one of their core features, the webinar function is undoubtedly a welcomed one, especially when considering the cost of running these at individual cost.

Not every marketer uses webinars but having access to such a feature may make many try their hand – it’s a great marketing tool to have at your disposal!


The apps feature is where you’ll find lots of additional content that can be added to your site. These are quite similar to plugins you use on a current website to provide it with extra content, so they can really enhance whatever you’re creating on Builderall.

For example, there is an SEO on-page tool for SEO optimization, which works much the same as the popular WordPress plugin Yoast SEO. This is just one example of the various apps available with Builderall – there’s a surprising number of additional tools here you can use.

Plus, these are included with your plan, making Builderall a cost-effective solution when you consider how much these additional plugins can cost when purchased individually.

Moreover, if you wanted to add some of these features onto an existing website, it would require a lot of knowledge and experience. For instance, learning management systems need to be integrated with other plugins such as shopping carts and your email software.

With Builderall apps like E-Learning (which is essentially their equivalent of an LMS) you simply install the app directly to the site from the app section of the dashboard.

This shows why Builderall is considered a great investment for people newer to marketing, as they can produce professional and feature-rich pages without needing extensive knowledge and experience.

Certain apps do lack the premium quality of market-leading equivalents, yet the price and usability of these apps make them a very welcome addition to an already feature-laden platform.


Builderall’s marketplace is where money management happens. From here, you set up various payment processes needed to sell your products or services, along with managing any affiliates you’re running.

It’s important to note that a PayPal account is needed to access these functions. Most marketers use PayPal but should you not then bear in mind you’ll need one to use this. Still, this is a minor inconvenience, and the fact that affiliate marketing is easily managed on Builderall will be a huge selling point for many.

Furthermore, the marketplace is open to other users on Builderall. This means you can share your products and sites with other users, opening plenty of affiliating opportunities with fellow sellers on the marketplace.


There are three pricing options available with Builderall, with each one providing access to varying levels of features, so you can opt for whatever one meets your business needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing options currently available:

Web Presence – $9.90/month

The entry-level package provides access to all the core building features but does limit your hosting to a single domain. It’s an ideal package for getting started with a basic website, although it doesn’t come with all the apps you may need.

Digital Marketing – $29.90/month          

A fantastic all-around package, the Digital Marketing plan is a fine choice for marketers that want access to all the main features on Builderall, namely access to all the apps and connecting multiple domains to the platform, with 15 domain connections offered with this package.

Builderall Business – $49.90/month

The complete package from Builderall includes everything from the Digital Marketing plan plus some nice extras, including sale additional sales funnels. A noteworthy addition to this plan is the option to use Builderall as an affiliate, which can be very lucrative when done successfully.


Whether you’re just getting started in digital marketing or are looking to grow your business, Builderall is an excellent all in one digital marketing platform. The sales funnels and page building tools are easy to use and come with plenty of features to make them an asset for any budding marketer.

Yes, many of the features lack the advanced functionality of the industry-leading equivalents, but considering the amazing value for money, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. You get a lot of features for such a low monthly fee, so Builderall certainly offers incredible value for money when adding up what all these features would cost individually.

Regardless of your marketing niche, Builderall has something for everyone and offers a wide range of useful features that can help your business grow.

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