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In this day and age, if you’re not taking advantage of using the internet to make money, you’re missing out on a great way to earn a living.

E-commerce is one of the highest booming industries nowadays, the most significant example being Amazon.

You might think this is straight forward and easy, but since there is a lot of competition, you need to have a unique product that the customers want at a cut-throat price. This is why we decided to review Ecomhunt, a tool which takes the pain out of product research.

  • Facebook Ads and Insights

  • Ecomhunt gives its users Facebook targeting and insights about the products which are being sold daily. Through this, they can get to know which country to target, what age and gender to go for, etc. This way, all of the hard work is done by Ecomhunt for their users.

  • Hot Products

  • One of the things which you can be sure of is having access to the best-selling products. The members get to know what are the hot products before they become viral.

  • Niche Products

  • If you thought that Ecomhunt is only for competitive or popular products, then you were wrong. Ecomhunt is also informing their members about the hot-selling niche products in different varieties. The members can browse through the different categories to find the most appropriate niche for their stores.

  • Facebook AdHunter

  • This Chrome extension is quite a big deal in itself, but it is also available for free to the members of Ecomhunt. Through this tool, the members can spy on their competitors’ Facebook ads and modify them further to sell better.

  • Free Membership

  • This is limited and doesn’t give you on-demand data. I does give you a nice insight into how the site works but ideally it would be nice to see more.

  • Limited Products

  • The number of daily products on Ecomhunt should be increased since they are quite limited.

How to Find the Most Popular Products to Sell?

In order to find the right products to sell, most of us wander here and there, searching for the right ones. Since the competition in internet marketing and selling is vast, you need to have the hottest products which you can sell and make a difference. There are many tools that are available which can be used to sell products. One of the ways to do that is through Ecomhunt. Here, we have given an honest and thorough review of Ecomhunt services which can be used by beginners and experienced users for internet selling.

What is Ecomhunt?

The Ecomhunt website describes it as “a curation of the best new products, every day.” This means that it is a legit way to find winnings and the most popular products online. It helps the users in hunting for the most popular products more efficiently, which makes the business’s sales conversion high.

Ecomhunt adds winning products manually every single day through which you can stop wasting your time and money on wrong products that don’t sell. Not only does Ecomhunt help them in finding the hottest selling products but also those which are trending on other marketplaces like AliExpress.

Moreover, it also shows all the necessary details about the products which include the ads run by your competitors and working. This way, you will have a readymade list of all possible products you need in your store which are running best in the market. This way you can save on time, effort and a lot of money in finding the products to sell.

What are the Best New Products?

This is how Ecomhunt works. They see which products are working well and doing the best in the market and which ones can potentially earn significant profits. The new products are given to their members first and then to their free members after a few days. This way, they give their paying members an advantage over their free members.

For each product on Ecomhunt, the members are given:

  • Product Description
  • Product Images
  • Profits, RRP (recommended retail price), Costs, and Margins
  • Import Straight to Shopify Option
  • Analytics
  • Saturation Inspector
  • Links to different stores, AliExpress listing, advertisements, and videos
  • Facebook advertising ideas and current adverts
  • Social Media Engagement Ideas
  • Review of the buyers
  • Targeting and Audience ideas
  • One to one Expert Consultation (through the Messenger)

The above is a lot of information which Ecomhunt provides for each product, and it is of great help, especially for those who are entirely new at this.

What Else Does Ecomhunt Offer?

If the hot selling products and the information regarding them are not enough, then there is even more! Ecomhunt also has extras and extensions which are as follows:


This Chrome extension is surely a lifesaver. It allows the users to find, use and analyse their competitors’ real Facebook and social media advertisements and provides them with the amount of traffic, how long it has been running and which countries have clicked on that ad, and other more useful information. Even though this plug-in is free of cost, you do need to have an Ecomhunt account for this feature.

The Must-have Shopify Apps

There are plenty more apps and extensions for the users of Ecomhunt! It allows you to find and install extensions for your Shopify store. For those who are using themes such as EcomTurbo, these plugins are not really required. However, for those who are merely running standard items, they can find the Top 5 Shopify Themes which they will surely be interested in.

Webinars and Training

Webinars and Training​

One of the things which are overlooked sometimes is whether or not the users or members of such forums are trained in e-commerce or sales. Ecomhunt, however, makes sure this is also covered by having a dedicated section on Webinars and training since many of their users are new to this approach. Even those users who are experts in what they do can also benefit from the training material and polish their skills further. Such training material is usually sold for a high price elsewhere, but in Ecomhunt, it is included in the membership price. So, for the members, it is free of cost.

Ecomhunt University

One of the other additions to the Ecomhunt portfolio is the Ecomhunt University. Their training is free of cost for the users to sign up, and it also provides information and videos on how to build a dropshipping business. It also helps in teaching the users on how to develop their Ecom Funnels, and they can also get a pre-built one if they prefer.

Membership Plan and Pricing

ecomhunt membership

There are two membership plans with Ecomhunt: the Free Plan, and the Pro Plan. The free membership plan gives access to the users for two products daily but with a limited amount of data. Moreover, the daily updated products are released to the free members on the third day, rather than the date they’re found. The free members would have to upgrade their account if they want to have access to full product data and information which is released every single day.

The Pro Plan members, on the other hand, have access to everything on Ecomhunt. They get to know full product information, such as links to stores which are already selling the products, targeting a particular product, ads videos, Facebook ads, and more. The Pro Plan costs around $29 a month.

Get a free trial here

Why Choose Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is one of the first product hunting tools which has been around for a reasonably long time. They offer an excellent product range which is updated frequently too.  Their products have helped their members find winners much quicker than the average drop shipper, which is vital to get ahead of the competition.

However, in order to have sufficient conversion sales, we would advise you to invest and go for their pro version, since there are many people who are looking for free alternatives. The pro members have access to quite a lot of winning Shopify products which are hot selling, and there are fewer chances of those products being known by several people. Furthermore, the users also get to know the following stats and details.

Facebook Ads Information

This is quite an essential part of Ecomhunt. The users will get to see the information about all the Facebook ads, which are currently running for a particular product. The details also include links to the stores and the advertisements that are associated with it. The users also get the actual videos which are being used by the store and other advertisement information regarding that product. Such details can really come in handy, especially for those people who do not know much about the ad copy and have no videos to promote their products on social media.


Before promoting or selling your product, you must be aware of who you are targeting the product to, for example, is it country-specific, what age are you targeting and also the interest-based criteria of your customers. Ecomhunt helps its members by providing them with examples and detailed insights about targeting a product.

Engagement and Review

This feature helps with product engagement. Here, users can get insights into how many people have bought the product already. You will also get to see the product review straight from an actual buyer who has purchased the product from AliExpress.

Key Features of Ecomhunt

  • Ecomhunt shows the users Facebook Ads for particular products.
  • It gives insights on product engagement for all associated advertisements.
  • It shows the information along with the date.
  • It provides information regarding the Shopify store about who is selling the best products.

Ecomhunt in a Nutshell

Ecomhunt is one of the cheapest product finders for the hottest and most popular products. It is one of the best ways of having access to the latest products that are trending, without making much effort on your own. It is easy to use and navigate, where the data is quick and easy to get for you to start testing. There is a considerable amount of functionality since there is a lot of data points and hundreds of products for you to choose from. It also helps you to find the products which are appropriate for your store.

Moreover, they also have training guides, webinars, blogs, and other materials such as the Ecomhunt University and a thriving Facebook group which can help the new users as well as the experienced ones. Furthermore, you can find a lot of support from others who are involved in the same kind of business and also from the Facebook group and the online chat features through which you can solve your queries. In a nutshell, Ecomhunt is a well-researched tool and an excellent platform for you to use for your dropshipping business.

Ecomhunt – Conclusion

If you are looking for a profitable and promising product which can help you bring excellent revenue streams and increased sales conversion, you should consider Ecomhunt. The features with this program are excellent and rare to find. The best part about Ecomhunt is that it provides the users with additional benefits such as webinars and extensive training material which can be quite useful for beginners and also for the experienced users. Moreover, the price range is also quite reasonable and is easily affordable. With the product hunt tools, you also have access to links, Facebook ad insights, video, and user engagement along with customer reviews and more. As such, we would highly recommend Ecomhunt, especially their Pro Plan membership through which you will be able to unlock many other promising products and details.


Ecomhunt is one of the market leaders for product research. We’ve done a full review of everything you need to know before you spend your hard-earned cash!

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