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When utilised properly, matched betting has the potential to earn you an excellent income upwards of thousand pounds. Of course, this usually only covers sign up deals, meaning there are limitations to how much you can earn after the initial sing up period has expired.

If you are like most others taking advantage of matched betting, then you probably want to supplement this income with something more regular, which can be challenging when the bulk of your matched betting comes from sign up deals.

This is where matched betting reload offers come into play. These deals are available more consistently, allowing you to make some additional income without requiring too much time or effort.

What are Reload Offers?

In matched betting, reload offers are simply deals provided to existing customers on bookmaker sites. This helps to keep people coming back after all the sign-up deals expire, and there are some surprisingly great offers available

Reload offers are typically seasonal deals that appear throughout the year. They are usually offered during major seasonal events – think the Grand National or Cheltenham Festival – that bookies use to drive up bets through various deals and offers, including returning customers.

The great thing about reload offers is that there are enough major events throughout the year that you can find one nearly every week. Granted, not all deals are worth the time and effort needed to make a profit, yet there are many that can be taken advantage of to increase your monthly earnings.

Risk-Free Bets That Add UP

One thing to remember about reload offers is that they cover all types of events, including some you won’t be familiar with. So, this means you may need to familiarise yourself with certain sports you haven’t bet on, although putting a little time into this is worthwhile as it means you can quickly take advantage of various offers to drive up your earnings.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly low price of many reload offers, as all those £5 and £10 deals add up over a month. If it only takes 5 minutes to place the bet, then you can make a lot of cash in a short time.

Types of Reload Offers

There are many types of matched betting reload offers, any of which can be used to boost your winnings.

Matched Betting Offers

These are perhaps the most widely used type of offer, basically offering a free bet when you place a qualifying bet. You will find these deals at all major bookies, especially around those big seasonal events, which sees an increase in offers to lure back previous customers.

Price Boost

Those special sporting events we keep mentioning often encourage bookies to provide enhanced odds for the event. These are often higher than lay odds found on betting exchanges, meaning you can make an instant profit by placing a back and lay bet – simple and easy money!

While profits per price boost may seem low – a few pounds in most cases – these certainly add up when you are placing dozens throughout the month. Plus, it requires virtually no time and effort to place these!


In-play reload offers are all about placing bets on events currently underway, most commonly football matches. These can be trickier to manage as it takes more time and effort to find matches with the right back and lay odds, while odds quickly change during a match, although placing bets during halftime can help overcome these issues.

With the right approach and some patience, you can make good cash from in-play reload offers.


Reload accumulator offers are potentially profitable, usually offering a free bet when placing an Acca, but also require the most time and effort to place. You need to find several bets happening at different times that have close lay and back odds; then you place the lay bet during each match on the accumulator as they happen.

There are online resources that make managing all this easier, although you will need to set aside some time to make it worthwhile. Accumulator offers are


An outright offer another popular reload bet but one that requires more patience, as the bets are tied up to a competition over a long period. For instance, betting on a team to win a competition is a type of outright bet.

So, the shorter the competition, the quicker your turnaround is, although the deals may not be as lucrative as those for longer competitions, such as predicting winners of the Premier League or the Golden Boot Award.

Moreover, longer competitions can become more profitable as you will get a lot of free bets that are tied to your outright bet, such as getting a free bet anytime the team wins or the player scores.

Free Bet for Goals Scores

This type of reload offer is not the most common but one you should look out for as it can be a good money maker. Basically, the bookmaker offers a free bet every time a goal is scored by the team you backed.

It is not entirely risk-free as you need the team to score, but it’s worth trying given it is only a small loss for a higher chance of getting one or more free bets.  

Refund Offers

Common for football matches and horse races, refund offers give you a free bet or additional winnings should certain outcomes occur. For instance, you can often earn double payout if your backed team wins both halves, while many offer free bet refunds for games that finish 0-0.

Casino Deals

With countless bookmakers operating casino websites, you may find some offer free plays on casino games when placing a bet or for every goal scored by a backed team. The chances of winning big with a casino game are slim, but you never know – consider trying them out if you have made good profits that month.

Invite Only

These deals are sent using emails and text messages, so you need to permit the bookie to send such deals when signing up. You will get a lot of spam messages, but there will also be a few great deals worth picking out – keep an eye for those free bets!

Remember, use a suitable matched betting service to find all the latest matched betting reload offers!

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