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Niche scraper Review

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  • Access & check top-selling AliExpres products

  • Review AliExpress products current sales trends – get the top sellers info

  • Generate your own sales videos for social media ads and more

  • Spy on the top-selling Shopify stores, save hours of time and heart/headaches choosing those perfect products to promote

  • FREE tutorials, guides, and help to get you to expert status faster than you can imagine

  • Data on prices, products, ad copy and suppliers

  • Niche Scraper team hand picked lists could be drop shippers

  • To pay through Debit cards, you’ll have to contact their support unless you use PayPal

  • Not Acting – massive action is needed to make this a success, the same as any profitable business or idea

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Dropshipping Overview

Dropshipping is becoming increasingly attractive as a portable business model for online stores. This sales model is closely related to online sales and relieves the owner of an e-commerce site of all logistical tasks. Before we take a closer look at what dropshipping is and how it can help online stores, let’s look at some basic facts.

Dropshipping is essentially about the following: the consumer buys a product in an online store and the distributor registers an order. When the order is completed, the dropshipping supplier is the one who sends the product to the consumer.

So you have no stock, minimal upfront costs and potential access to millions of products you can sell from suppliers all over the world.

One of the key factors to consider when you want to succeed with dropshipping is choosing the right product that you provide to your potential customers. That means doing some research and due diligence as if you don’t get the right product then you simply won’t make the ROI (return on investment) you should. Dropshipping is very lucrative when you do it right.

Though trending products can work short term and can be a good place to practice. If you are maybe a new drop shipper you can also look at products that sell consistently well. What you don’t want to do is find you are investing money in marketing and ads and are not getting any sales.

So you can do the research manually, that means looking at the competitors, checking out suppliers, viewing their inventory and reviews, assessing prices and margins and choosing your niche. That’s important, as general stores can be almost impossible to market. You don’t want to have Amazon as your main competitor!

Doing this research phase is vital to the success for your dropshipping business and it can be very time intensive! The good news is there are a few tools and some clever software that does most of the heavy lifting for you. So you can get your Shopify or Woocommerce store live faster with the right products. Let’s take a look at one of the more popular ones.

What Is Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper is software, more accurately it’s a “software as a service” (SaaS) tool and it is designed specifically to help a dropshipper find hot products that sell well. It works as a spy tool, so the software literally spy’s on other successful stores to find out what is working so your store can then replicate it. It searches other shopify sites and even searches AliExpress.

Being able to do this cuts the products research phase down hugely and it also means you can model the most successful products on the most successful stores. As long as you can use the Internet, then Niche Scraper won’t be a problem to use. There’s lots of info and guides but we will cover a few of the more interesting features it offers. Though this works for most dropshippers bear in mind, it’s a tool, so it’s about HOW you use it.

It will give you a lot of data so if you’re serious about your dropshipping business being a success, this will help you. Try and curb any impatience, once you have the data insights, it’s still best practice to run some beta tests with new products. Are the results what you would expect, maybe it’s the ads? Also PLEASE DO NOT copy and paste what you find. Duplicate content is a real thing and if you fill your store with best selling products that you have copy and pasted, it will hurt you at some point.

Create better names and descriptions, or hire someone to do it for you, this will make a potential huge difference to your dropshipping success.

Staring Out DropShippers & Niche Scraper

This tool is going to be amazing for new dropshippers who are taking the challenge of opening a successful store seriously. It’s likely that your budget will be lower than more established stores so being able to pick “winners” will be very important for you. It will speed up your store go-live time and increase your success percentage considerably.

Everyone needs help and when you are new to dropshipping it can feel like you are drowning in data during the research phase. You need as much information as possible to make informed decisions about what you want to promote and Niche Scraper does that for you and delivers it in a way that is detailed yet understandable.

Video is perfect for selling products and if you plan to advertise on social media it is almost getting to the point of being essential. Niche Scraper includes a feature that lets you create slide show product videos and you can overlay text, add images and music to create engaging videos for your ads to showcase the products you choose.

Try Niche Scraper For Free

Niche Scraper – The Features

Let’s take a look at some of the other elements of Niche Scraper and how they can help you find amazing, top-selling products for your Shopify or Woocommerce store.

Winning Product Scraper

Niche Scraper

This looks for the most profitable and popular products inside AlixExpress and other Shopify stores.  It can pull data insightful about the last seven days sales, what the product sales level difficulty is (important for knowing how easy it is to compete) and even whether sales of that product or range are decreasing or increasing. Plus you can sort the products it finds by niches, date, orders, price and much more. Perfect for helping you decide if this is a good potential product to promote and sell.

Hand Picked Products

Niche Scraper Review

This is a rather clever shortcut and this comes directly from the Niche Research team where they give you a list of already researched successful selling products. Of course, the lists are shared with other Niche Research users but with some clever ads or a new marketing angle. Literally this takes only reading time, all the heavy lifting is done for you. If nothing else, review the lists first so you don’t accidentally duplicate work that has already been done by the experts for you. Inside Hand Picked there is a full list of products selected and recommended by the Niche Scraper team. Typically 1-2 new products are posted on a daily basis so updates are frequent. They include details such as the products name, price, recommended retail price (RRP) and sales trends. They also provide links to other Shopify stores selling them and share any Facebook Ads plus they’ll link up to AliExpress suppliers too. Literally everything you could need to add it to your store and then start promoting it.

Store Analysis

Store Analysis Niche Scraper

The store analysis tool lets you search for products. You can search across Shopify stores and also search AliExpress for product availability, so even if a competitor is not drop shipping, you can see if the product is worth testing.

You can search other Shopify stores via keyword, so if you search “Pet” the analysis tool will check any Shopify stores with that word in their domain name.

You can then search through their products to find what you are looking for, and when your Niche Scraper is linked to your Shopify store, you can PUSH the product to your store with a simple button click.

It just exports the products into your store, it won’t / can’t fulfill them so there is still some work needed, but you can take care of that easily enough with the Oberlo App.

Facebook Video Ad Generator

Niche Scraper Review

Video converts much better than image-only ads. You might be tempted to shortcut and borrow other store videos, don’t. It won’t do your reputation any good and it’s really not necessary. The same is true for standard product videos offered by the main product seller. Everyone is using them so don’t follow the herd. And you don’t need to now as Niche Scraper really sets itself apart as a premier software.

The Facebook Video Ad Generator is really easy to use, it lets you merge text, images, and music to create engaging slideshow videos simply that are unique to you. You can even grab images from products in other stores but be wary of infringing any copyright.

How Much Is Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper Pricing

For powerful software that gives some in-depth insight and video creation tools, Niche Scraper has a very attractive and affordable pricing option. The monthly rate is only around $39 Monthly and they also have an annual offering of about $199. Check their site as the exact rate fluctuates a little, only a few dollars but if you can afford the annual, it offers you some significant savings, it works out at 12 months but only paying for the price of 10.

Niche Scraper pricing is accessible and they make it easy to understand what you are getting, there are no complex pricing plans to baffle you. Plus everything is included, no upsells or extras needed!

They do offer a free trial of the software so you can test it before investing, it really is designed to allow you to get a feel for it but there are some limitations so bear in mind, it’s a taster rather than a full Niche Scraper 3-course meal!

Paying For Niche Scraper Software is simple as they accept PayPal so you can use any major debit or credit card.

Extras & Training With Niche Scraper

The Niche Scraper team really is dedicated to helping drop shippers be as successful as possible and they even offer five (5) free tutorials to help you take your Shopify store to the next level. These are:

  • How to Find Winning Products Using Niche Scraper.
  • How Niche Scraper CEO Left a 6 Figure Job to Dropship.
  • FREE Shopify Store Checklist.
  • 7 Rules of Dropshipping That You MUST Follow.
  • Facebook Ad Tutorial

And there is also a Members-Only tutorial on “How to generate FREE Traffic for your Shopify store” as soon as you’re a paying member you get access to that and it has some inspiring ideas.


Niche Scraper is a very impressive tool which could save a ton of time and money. It’s more than just a product research tool, as it gives you a vast array of other features. They’ve priced this very competitively, and it will pay for itself once you find your winning product. If you can afford it, go for the 12-month subscription this will save you money in the long run. If not, go for the free trial, what are you waiting for it’s free!

Niche Scraper Review | 55% Discount Code Included

Everything you need to know about Niche Scraper is this the best product hunting tool? We give you the pros, cons and include an exclusive discount!

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