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The trend of working from home has increased in the last decade. Most of the credit goes to websites that offer opportunities to earn money online. In the old days, people were very sceptical about these websites as there were a lot of scams out there. However, with time, the trend for earning money online increased remarkably. You can still come across some scam websites on the internet, but there are also some fantastic and legitimate ‘earn online’ websites on the internet as well. Ohmydosh.co.uk is one such website. OhMyDosh can help you earn a decent income online. All while you stay at home and relax. You don’t even have to leave your house to make money on OhMyDosh. All you need is a laptop or a mobile and an active internet connection.

Let’s review the different aspects of OhMyDosh in detail;

How Does OhMyDosh! Work

OhMyDosh Offers

OhMyDosh is one of the best websites in the UK that can help you earn a decent income. 

You can find different brands and advertisers on OhMyDosh. You can click on the names of these brands, and that will direct you to their respective websites. Once you are there you can complete a purchase or an offer on the website. The advertisers keep a record of all the clients and purchases they get through OhMyDosh. After you make a purchase the respective advertiser pays OhMyDosh commissions from the sales. OhMyDosh then shares that income with you.

This is a form of affiliate marketing, but instead of giving out promo codes and coupons, you get to have some part of your money back through OhMyDosh!

In addition to making a purchase, you can also complete several different offers, trials, surveys, and many more things to earn amazing cash or similar rewards. Things like surveys help you earn money even in your spare time. When you feel like lying down and resting on the couch, you can casually take out your mobile phone complete a survey and earn as much as £5 for a single survey. However, the amount paid may vary for different surveys.

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Pros and Cons Of OhMyDosh!

Like all other money-making websites in the world, OhMyDosh has some plus point and some negative ones. Let’s take a look at some significant pros and cons of the website.

  • No Joining or subscription fee. OhMyDosh is totally free to use.

  • People can earn thousands of dollars through OhMyDosh.

  • No restrictions on earnings.

  • Multiple withdrawal options.

  • No specific skills are required to earn money through OhMyDosh.

  • Amazing and professional customer support who makes sure that all your queries are handled in a professional and timely manner.

  • Only people living in the UK can access and benefit from this website. A website with so much potential for success should be expanded to other parts of the world as well. This will not only help the customers but OhMyDosh itself as well.

  • Some offers require you to become a member so you need to keep track of these and cancel before you’re charged

Trustpilot Rating

ohmydosh trustpilot reviews

Trustpilot is a review website where consumers can rate their experiences with a specific business. It has over time gained a lot of credibilities. People trust the ratings given on Trustpilot. OhMyDosh has a rating of 4.7/5 on with more than 3000 users rating the service. This shows that thousands of people have had an excellent experience and proves that OhMyDosh is a well respected earning platform.

Amazing Features Of OhMyDosh!

No business review is complete without mentioning the different features of the brand. There are many different brands on OhMyDosh from various sectors of the market. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of OhMyDosh.

UK Based Website

OhMyDosh! Is a UK based website. In order to earn money with them, you have to be a citizen and resident of the UK. It would be great to see them eventually expand on this as this would increase earning potentials even more. 

Does It Cost Anything To Join OhMyDosh?

OhMyDosh is not like other ‘earn online’ websites. The website is free to join, there are many websites on the internet that ask joining fees and then ask an additional subscription fee. That is not the case with OhMyDosh, not only is joining free but, there is no subscription fee either. This is partly due to the affiliate marketing business model. As you complete offers through OhMyDosh they get a commission, which pays their website fees. They also share this with you, so it’s a win-win partnership.

A Safe And Secure Earning Experience

One of the most important things that people care about these days is online security. Our lives have become massively dependent on technology. Technology might have a lot of benefits, but it does come with a few downsides. For many different reasons, we have to provide our personal information to various websites. Unfortunately, this makes us vulnerable to a lot of external threats. OhMyDosh is a very safe platform. All the information you provide to the website is secure with reliable and trusted encryption. One of the best things about OhMyDosh is that you don’t have to give your details until you are ready to dosh out your earnings.

How Much Can I Earn Through OhMyDosh!

People can earn thousands of pounds every month through OhMyDosh! Reviews by existing customers show the potential by completing offers and making purchases through the platform. There are so many offers on the website. So the amount of money you earn depends on your efforts and willingness to complete an offer or a purchase. The more purchases you make, the more you earn. You can also earn through OhMyDosh’s referral program. You earn a monetary reward if you refer OhMyDosh to your friends who eventually complete a transaction through them.

OhMyDosh is as beneficial to other businesses as it is to clients. It is always looking for new affiliate partners. So if you run a business you can also earn a lot of money with the help of OhMyDosh! Customers might be inclined to buy from you once you partner and offer amazing deals to the clients. In fact, affiliate marketing is known to be one of the most effective and successful marketing techniques. It can help you increase your sales to the next level.

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How You Get Paid

You should keep a note of the brands and businesses available on OhMyDosh! So the next time you want to purchase anything from those brands, you can do it through OhMyDosh. Doing so will help you get some proportion of your money back. It should be noted that you can only withdraw your earnings once your earnings reach £10 or more. The payment can be withdrawn through PayPal or a bank transfer. The bank transfer will take around 3 to 5 days.

Word Of Mouth

A review should always include what the existing users are saying about the brand and this is what we are going to do now. When we talk about the existing customers of OhMyDosh! Then we can clearly see from the ratings and exceptionally positive reviews that people are very happy with their experiences. Both individuals and media alike have a lot of positive things to say about OhMyDosh! Many existing users claim that they have been earning thousands of pounds every month. Again, this varies from person to person, the more effort you put in, the more you can earn. Media heavyweights like LoveIt Magazine, The Sun, Metro and many more have articles about OhMyDosh and it’s earning potential. That adds a lot of value to OhMyDosh’s entire business, it also gives them a lot of credibility.

OhMyDosh Press

OhMyDosh Team

You cannot enjoy an optimum experience on a website if the website does not have a strong customer support team. OhMyDosh has a very skilled and professional team that makes sure all your queries and issues are dealt with seriously. Their team is very professional and understanding, so if you feel like you did not get a payment you were due or if you are facing any other issue related to OhMyDosh, you can write about that to their customer support team. OhMyDosh customer support team will make sure to get back to you promptly

OhMyDosh Team


There are many websites that claim that you can earn online by putting in little to no effort. Most of these are scams but not OhMyDosh. OhMyDosh is trusted and credible and has something for everyone. So no matter what expertise you have you can find something for you. Just by giving a few minutes to OhMyDosh every day can help you earn hundreds and thousands of pounds every month. It is one of the best money making websites in the UK. 

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OhMyDosh! Review | Does It Really Work? Free Welcome Bonus Included.

Our full review of OhMyDosh, we cover everything you need to know before you sign up. Surveys, Trials and earning potential. Free £1 signup bonus included!

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