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Betting is a game of probability, and not all the time, you can be right at your speculations. Sometimes the players get carried away by the external factors and take a wrong decision losing out all the chances of winning. Hence, betting is profitable only when it is done neutrally and carefully considering all the evens and odds of the move.

RebelBetting is software that supports speculations, calculation of the probabilities associated with any bet, and the chances of winning a bet. The most popular variety offered by RebelBetting is its Sure Betting which ensures steady winnings every month.

However, the other two laterals, Value Betting and Matched Betting are also quite popular for their ability to revive the lost bets. All these are available at an affordable rate through the RebelBetting platform.

Read on more about the software and purchase the one that best suits your requirements.

Sure Betting

Sure Betting ensures a win-win situation no matter which party wins. Though initially, it seems to be a vague idea, In the world of probability, this situation can indeed exist with its statistical relevance. The software aims at implementing the betting exchanges which again ensure better chances for the player to win regardless of the chances. If either party involved wins, you stand a chance to gain money and that is the essence of Sure Betting’s surety. You can place lay bets through Sure Betting software which allows you to bet against something that is about to happen. Surely, all of these come with enormous leg work and finding is the best opportunity. This is where Sure Betting of RebelBetting comes in with its assurance and expertise. Sure Betting is available at different prices for varying duration of times. If you wish to check the effectiveness of the software, you can also try the free trial option given by RebelBetting.

How to Use

Downloading and installing the Sure Betting software is easier than you can imagine. It offers you two screens. The right screen comes with several options for betting, and the left side of the screen allows perception of the possible earning associated with each betting. Though it returns might seem low for a single variant, as you scroll through the right-wing of the screen, you will get to notice the variety and extent of options available, and in a summative way, all these can add to your bank account considerably over some time. The markets these bets are related to are of three types primarily. LAY, AH, and OU are the markets in which you will place a bet from this screen. The bottom-most panel refers to the stake control operations. Once you let the software know your total stake, it automatically calculates the optimal amount of bet. Sure Betting has an updated and user-friendly interface and also provides the users with real-time experience.

RebelBetting software

Planning the bets

Once you decide on a particular bet that you would like to opt for, you have to click the blue button in the left corner, and the new page will load for further operations. You can also set one-click betting. Go to Bookmaker set up and log in to Bookmaker accounts under the options tab. After entering your details once, your one-click set up would be activated. RebelBetting will search among almost 90 bookmakers for the best match. However, many of these might not comply with your country, but some will surely do. The best would be to keep the count of bookies ten or less than ten so that your money does not get allocated thinly. This software also offers customization options that make it user-friendly and convenient.

Learning Material

When you get to know about any software for the first time, you may feel tempted to use it as soon as it gets installed. However, if you do not have in-depth knowledge about its specifications, you might end up making a mess. As far as Sure Betting from the RebelBetting is concerned, the moment you install the software, you get to see the help icon at the right upper corner of the screen. A single click on the help button can help explore the nitty-gritty related to this software. You can also avail of the user manual available at RebelBetting’s website for further clarification.

Earning potential

Sure Betting surely comes with great earning potential, but it must be backed with optimal use of the software. The assured bets and the huge monetary profits are associated with placing of high-frequency bets every month. Even though is you choose a low arb percentage, make sure to place frequent bets so that the revenue gets multiplied.


Sure Betting Conclusion

In a nutshell, Sure Betting offers exactly what it claims. Thus, this software cannot be blamed for having severe flaws, but the problems mostly generate out of the process of arbitrage itself and not the software. Sure Betting is the best software out in the market to inflate your bank account through betting but you need to be careful about the practice itself. The basic rules of the betting market must be followed to ensure the optimal performance of the software.


Value Betting

Value Betting is a much different phenomenon than Sure Betting. In Sure Betting, every outcome was considered, but in Value betting, only the odds are considered and stacked overtime to ensure that in the long run, you gain more than you lose. If the bookmaker’s odds associated with any betting is higher for a certain bet, Value Betting works towards making the odds turn into favors over time enhancing the chances on wins in the future and thus, it is all about converting the odds and not about considering each value of the outcome. Specifically for sports betting, this variety of software can be much use as the results remain highly unpredictable for games. The price of Value Betting is much less that Sure Betting and several varieties of packages are available as well.

How to Use

This variety of software from RebelBetting is available in the web browser as well as software downloads. You can easily access this software through your mobile phone or Mac computer. The user interface for the two is different, but once you get accustomed, it would not be an issue for you to operate through either. The initial interface of value Betting resembles the appearance of Sure betting and does not generate much confusion in the minds of the users, the right panel with a list of Value Bets can be seen on the screen. The display of the percentage on the left side is nothing but the return on investment. Much like Sure Betting, Value Betting too has the option for stake calculation that suggests the value of stake one should go for during a bet. Stake Sizing and Max Stake are the two options for customization of stake. The outcomes will be given in shorthand representations such as O(1.5), U (1.5), Ah, 1, X, 2, etc.

Planning the bets

Value Betting deals with sharp bookmakers and soft bookmakers. Sharp ones show a tendency to faster change of the odds, and the soft ones come with a relaxed approach that does not allow frequent changes in the outcomes and a better odd. Thus beginners should always opt for battings under the soft bookmaker for a safer play.  The software offers thorough information about betting, and one should pay attention to the details before opting for a bet. For users with auto-surf option activated, the log-in will take place automatically, and after that, you can place a bet in Bet365. To make use of the BetTracker feature of Value Betting, use the Log option available at the bottom right of the screen.

Learning Material

Once you install the software, you receive a get started pop-up, which will lead you to a video-enabled with instructions and images that are necessary for a first time user to run the software. You will also find a support tab at the RebelBetting website to check the wide assortment of materials helpful for running the software.

Earning potential

Unlike the Sure Betting software, Value Betting does not offer a sure win situation for every bet. It is aimed at making profits in the long term, balancing a series of wins and losses. Hence, predicting the real-time potential of this software to fetch money is a little difficult to predict. However, if the right methods are adopted, and the optimal use of the software is done, it is surely going to be a profitable investment for the future.  Since it deals with a broader sample size, time is the primary factor on which the earning potential must be judged.

Value Betting Profits

Value Betting Conclusion

Value Betting is surely a fine piece of software from RebelBetting. However, owing to some unavoidable technical aspects, Sure Betting and Matched Betting are always preferred over Value Betting. If you have made up your mind to opt for Value Betting, this software has everything to make your betting attempts optimal and fruit-bearing.


Matched Betting

When it comes to free bets, matched Betting makes use of bookmaker offers, backing, and laying bets to get the best out of any bet. It is one of the most common varieties of betting and known by all. For sports betting, Matched Betting is the most popular choice. The best part about this betting is that you need not a substantial bankroll to participate in this form of betting. With limited resources, it can be started. Also, it is considered the easiest way to make money out of sports betting. As far as the price is concerned, this is the cheapest variety available with RebelBetting.

How to Use

For Matched Betting as well, the user interface of the software looks similar to the other two software. The screen displays two panels, right and left. The right panel offers the listed view of the betting information. The left panel shows the percentage of bonuses you can speculate to earn, which is regarded as the rate in this software. Originally, this variety is of lay betting, but RebelBetting can make it between two bookmakers at times. You will also find bets here with more than a 100% rate. The only drawback associated with this software is that RebelBetting does not update it regularly, which must be rectified. Also, it lacks the steps to guide through a betting process for assured outcomes which RebelBetting must work on.

Planning the bets

Placing abet using Matched Betting is as easy as the other software. All you have to do is select the right bet and place it. You will also get to know about the expected returns while placing the bet by looking at the left panel.

Learning Material

Like all other software of RebelBetting, Matched Betting, too, comes with the steady support of the user guide. The help button on the top right corner leads the user to the betting guide. It offers an optimal representation of the methods of placing a bet using the software and many other aspects that are required to be known. At times, you might feel this guide to be insufficient, but in reality, the guide is not lacking the information, rather it is the software that lacks some of the relevant and useful features as discussed earlier. Though this software looks much like Sure Betting and Value Betting, following the guide separately is always recommended instead of following the methods used for the other software.

Earning potential

The earning potential of this software is also fair. If you have made the right choices while betting, Matched Betting is one of the most profit-yielding options available with the betting software.

Matched Betting Conclusion

Matched Betting is one of the cheapest yet effective software that RebelBetting has to offer. But, it comes with some of the drawbacks that RebelBetting can take care of in the future.

Betting is surely one of the most popular choices these days and an easy way to earn some extra money as well. Choose the right software and make the most of your bankroll through smart betting using the RebelBetting Software.

RebelBetting Review | What They Didn't Want You To See

Our full 2020 review of the RebelBetting suite. Everything you need to know to see if its suitable for you. Is it worth the money?

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