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For those of you who are marketers, entrepreneurs, or just someone looking to grow their business online, you understand the importance of a sales funnel and website. Within the last decade, many platforms were developed, allowing businesses to create websites, build funnels, send mass emails, and build out automations without any coding. You might’ve heard about some of these platforms, such as Clickfunnels, Shopify, Lead Pages, and Wix.

One platform called has been increasing in popularity as the new Clickfunnel alternative. This software is designed to manage everything about your online business, from sales funnel creation to email CRM management and more. was founded by a French entrepreneur named Aurelien Amacker, who used Clickfunnels and sought to improve the platform while making it more affordable for users. In this article, we will give you a full review to help you decide whether or not it’s a good fit for your business.

What is

Although is seen as a Clickfunnels alternative to building Sales Funnels and landing pages, this platform does much more. As a user, you’re able to create email marketing campaigns and autoresponders, as well as manage all of your existing contacts. In addition, you can sell products, courses, subscription memberships, and build out blogs, webinars, and workflow automations. For product and course creators, you can create your own affiliate program to help students get paid for promoting your products

Advantages of

Plug and Play Sales Funnels

As a user, you receive access to dozens of squeeze pages and thank you page templates to work off of. Just plug in your logo, images, videos, and sales copy, and your landing page is good to go! Review

With the funnel builder, you can also set-up automation rules. For example, if someone downloads the e-book, you can then directly send them the book on the Thank You page. The funnel builder provides analytical features such as split tests, traffic statistics, and sales tracking. When it comes to sales conversion, there are dozens of factors to consider. You’re able to split test different pages at once to see how your traffic visitors react to a different layout, sales copy, or video sales letter. Review

Email Marketing

With most page builder tools, you would need to integrate your email autoresponder into the platform. gives you a built-in email marketing tool to send out newsletters and create email campaigns to your prospects and customers. You can choose to import contacts or add them yourself. Personally, I like the ability to filter your contacts by tags such as email, name, city, country, company, and others. For instance, you can tag all of the emails of your course purchasers and send them specialized email campaigns. Review


An excellent way to nurture your audience is by creating a blog that answers common questions about your industry. For example, if you’re selling a course on dropshipping, you can write blogs about how to find products or how to run ads effectively. This blog feature allows you to drag and drop different items such as text, images, videos, layouts, and more. You can also add pages such as your contact page and product information. Review

Automation and Workflow

Automation is crucial to scaling your business. With, you can create workflows to perform specific actions to contacts that have specific tags. For example, if someone registered for your upcoming live webinar, those contacts would be tagged as a webinar sign-up. If they signed-up but didn’t attend your webinar, you can send automatic follow-up emails and retargeting campaigns. Review

Course Builder

Creating online courses has been an incredibly profitable industry for entrepreneurs. Users can easily create their course and membership site with drag and drop buttons, such as embedding a video and uploading documents. With the course feature, you can even perform a drip content series where students get access to the new content on a weekly basis or whichever time period you choose. Review

Affiliate Program

One way to increase your course sales is to have your students help you market it for you. Students can create their own affiliate links to share their experience with your course and get paid through successful referrals. The platform will automatically send the payouts to your students and share your earnings analytics. Review


As a member of this software, you have access to a free course where Aurelian walks you through how to use every main feature. Although not a part of the software, shares additional resources to help entrepreneurs build their business, such as sales funnel basics, website creation, book reviews, managing finances, and even tech reviews. Review Review


Most platforms only offer one language, which makes it difficult for non-native English speakers. This platform has three different language configurations, including English, French, and Spanish.


This is by far the biggest competitive advantage that has over its competitors. has three different pricing packages, including the startup package at $27 per month, the webinar package at $47 per month, and the enterprise package at $97 per month.

For the startup package, you pay $27 per month to have up to 5,000 email subscribers, with unlimited email campaigns and funnels built, three membership sites, unlimited storage, and other features. With the webinar package, you receive the same features with additional benefits of 3 evergreen webinars, coupon codes, and the ability to A/B split test. You also have up to 5 membership sites instead of 3, 10,000 email subscribers, and two custom domains. Lastly, the enterprise package can hold up to 15,000 email subscribers, five custom domains, unlimited evergreen funnels, and includes a 1 hour 1-on-1 coaching session. also gives you a 14-day free trial, and you don’t even have to enter your credit card information!

Which Package should you choose?

This will depend on where you are in terms of your business. If you’re looking to start your new online business and you don’t have any email subscribers, then $47 is your best option. I don’t recommend the $27 startup package because you wouldn’t be able to add any custom domains to your website. But if you’re already running a small business, then I recommend jumping into the $97 per month option. Clickfunnels starts at $97, so getting the enterprise version for the same price is a steal. You also get the added benefit of one-on-one coaching, which can be useful, especially if you need to talk business strategy. For example, you can ask about how to structure sales pages, webinars, upsells, and email marketing strategies. Review

Disadvantages of

Email Subscribers Limit

One drawback of is having a cap on the number of email subscribers in their autoresponder. The maximum email subscribers you can have is 15,000, which isn’t high. An email marketing platform, such as MailChimp, offers 50,000 subscribers for the low cost of $9.99. This means that is likely geared towards either beginner entrepreneurs or online coaches that have a smaller list. If you anticipate a larger email list, we recommend using an outside email marketing platform to handle your needs.

Less Third-Party Integrations

Since is a newer platform, they don’t yet have the integrations available with other popular platforms. For example, if you want to incorporate Zapier to do text marketing into your follow-up sequences or add your existing courses already created from Kajabi over to, you wouldn’t be able to do so.

No Team Access

When it comes to platforms, most tend to have the capability to share funnels or create team member access. If you want to hire an email marketer to outsource the email campaigns and hire a funnel builder. How would you be able to assign the duties separately? It is still unclear how can do this. But maybe future updates will be added.

No Email Campaign Templates

Currently, it doesn’t seem like there are any email campaign templates. Most beginner marketers like to work off of pre-created templates that are easy to follow along rather than build it out from scratch. Vs. Clickfunnels

Both tools are excellent when it comes to building a sales funnel. Since Clickfunnels started in 2014, it quickly became the leader of sales funnel and online marketing platform. In my opinion, Clickfunnels has a wider variety of features, such as more squeeze page templates and email templates through Actionetics. They also have dozens of third-party integrations such as Zapier, Shopify, MailChimp, WordPress, Kajabi, Shipstation, ZenDirect, and more. This is essential because some entrepreneurs will already have existing accounts on other platforms, and having a seamless integration is necessary. I also love how Clickfunnels breaks down their templates by industry. For example, you can copy proven funnels from your specific industry, including real estate, e-commerce, network marketing, info products, coaching, local businesses, non-profits, and others. Not to mention Clickfunnels gives you the ability to have up to 10 users on your account with their top plan.

Although doesn’t have the volume of features or the pizzazz of Clickfunnels, it has the main features at a much lower price. Clickfunnels has a way of bombarding you with more “shiny” features and upsells. With, there isn’t an endless amount of live training, masterminds, or expensive upgrades to sell you on. This tool gives you plenty of resources about how to be successful as an entrepreneur without the upsell. Review – Our Final Verdict

If you’re new to marketing your business online, this is hands down a better option than Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels might be a better all-around platform. However, Clickfunnels is a very sales-sy software that tries to upsell you at every turn with various training, courses, more features, live events, and even affiliate partners trying to sell you. gives you access to all of the main features you need, such as a drag-a-drop page builder, funnel set-up, email autoresponders, webinar creation, and more at a fraction of the cost. If you were to buy all of these features separately, it would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. As an online marketer myself, this tool really seems like you can do everything!

For beginners with little or no experience with funnels, this will allow you to learn and understand how to build marketing campaigns and lead pages before investing hundreds of dollars. If you’re more advanced and already have a huge list of customers, a team of employees, or existing products on other platforms, it may be easier to simply integrate them into Clickfunnels instead. We hope that this review has helped you decide which funnel software to use. Review – Exclusive 30 Day Free Trial

The most in-depth Review, everything you need to know before you sign up. Will this replace ClickFunnels? Try risk-free for 30 days.

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