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You may have heard about dropshipping, but drop servicing is also a lucrative business.

The business model is analogous to dropshipping. Here’s a quick way to show you how to drop servicing works:

There are a lot of services that you can offer, but I managed to gather ten beginner-friendly services that you can use to start your drop servicing journey!

Blog/Article Writing

Writing is one of the best ways to drop services because writing is one of the skills that are profoundly taught, especially in school.

Businesses need writers because writing a blog/article can provide value to their customers and make them an established brand in their industry. However, not a lot of businesses have the spare time to write multiple blogs/articles. This is the part where you can grab the opportunity. However, your clients are only willing to pay you if you provide them blogs/articles that are engaging to their customers.


Cross-selling is one of many ways that you can offer other services to your clients.

If you’re bilingual and your clients want to expand their market, translating services are perfect for you!

You can also cross-sell the three services that I’ll be talking about later on, keep reading, and you have the chance to earn more money.

Translating is one of the services that you can add with writing because all you need to do is delegate the task to your team and translate the documents that your clients assigned you to do.

As I said earlier, this service can help businesses expand their market, which means that their sales can increase due to the people that we’re able to discover the business of your clients. You can emphasize this service is an advantage for your clients because they can tap into a market that their competitors are inhibited to explore due to language barriers.

Video Editing

Video Editing

As video platforms like YouTube began to rise, video content is now in demand.

Blogs that have been posted on the Internet are starting to get replaced with videos, and your clients are aware of this. There is a huge advantage for businesses that have video content rather than written content alone, but they need great quality videos for their viewers to be happy.

This is where you save the day for your clients.

There are hundreds of free tutorials on the Internet. That’s why there’s no doubt that you won’t find any freelance video editors. The only hindrance here is that it takes time to find freelance video editors who produce amazing video outputs. It takes time to find great freelance video editors, but if you do find them, this can be a way for your clients to trust your services.

Voice Over Services

Videos aren’t engaging if there’s no one talking; that’s why this is another opportunity for you to offer voice acting or voice-overs to your clients.

With great video production comes great audio production. If you try to watch a video with terrible audio, the video becomes terrible, right? Your clients know this as well, and that’s why voice over services are important.

Great voice-overs make your client’s audience remember a video, and it even comes to the point that people start to compliment the voice-overs from the videos. This service can bring more engagement and help your client’s business become a more well-known brand. Remember, drop servicing is about your clients. If you make them happy, you’ll earn more money!


Transcribing is an interesting service; it doesn’t need much skill, and you can earn a lot of money by helping businesses that have a lot of video content and even podcasts.

A unique way of offering transcribing is upselling it to your current clients that are purchasing your services like voice-overs and video editing. This is a great way for you to earn more money without having to find other clients!

This service is important for businesses because it enables them to take advantage of the use of different ways to engage with their customers. For example, the video content or the podcast they have can be transcribed into a blog.

Different people prefer different types of content, and you can certainly add value to your clients with this kind of service.

Graphic Design

Top 10 Drop Servicing Niches for Beginners

A great design catches the attention of people, and offering graphic design services to your clients can help their business stand out from their competitors.

If you’re going to start with this service, it’s important to make your drop servicing website look great as well.

If a client visits your website and it doesn’t look appealing, how will they trust you that you’ll create beautiful design outputs for their business? You need to show your clients that you’re reliable to do great designs, and you can do this by giving a great first impression by making your website look amazing.

Think of your website as a basis of what your clients should expect when they choose your service.

Digital Marketing

The Internet allows businesses to market online, and digital marketing can help your clients reach an audience they never imagined to reach before!

This is an effective way of telling your clients that your digital marketing services are important for their business.

Telling them that your digital marketing service can save their time and money by helping them reach the right people, optimizing their website, and researching competitors to understand how they get their traffic.

If there’s one thing to remember in this blog, it’s that you should always talk about the benefits that the client can receive if they opt to go with your service. Talk more about how your service can increase their sales rather than telling them your service is great — that intricate modification can help you get more clients!


Copywriting is a way of writing to make sales; the best way to offer this service to a client is if you use copywriting while talking to them. Explain how it works and how it can benefit their business.

“Features are nice, but benefits sell,” tell them that your services can help them with this kind of strategy, and your clients will surely be happy.

As I said a while ago, you need to show you’re reliable for the task that the client will give you. This is a good way of proving that your services are perfect for your clients.

An example can be putting a call-to-action (CTA) on your website and giving them testimonials of your other clients; doing this can make the clients trust you.

Social Media Management

Using social media is one of the best ways to help your clients. You can help your clients build a community, build content, and build a successful business. If you want to drop service Social media management, these are some examples of how you can tell them why social media management is important.

When you hire freelance social media managers, they’re responsible for finding opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This is an opportunity for your clients to grow bigger and to use social media as leverage for their business.

Think of social media as a bridge for an audience to visit a client’s website and buy their products/services.

Web Development

Every e-commerce business needs a website, and you can offer web development to make their dreams come true with this service.

If you don’t know how to code, it’s okay. Remember, you’re hiring freelancers; you’re not doing the task. Your job is just to communicate effectively with clients and convince them that your service will add value to their business.

This is a great service because a lot of businesses are starting to switch online, but the problem is they don’t know how to start. Drop servicing web development can really help them a lot and will pay you a lot of money because your clients know that online shopping is the future.

Drop Servicing Niches for Beginners – Final Thoughts

Drop servicing may spur or encourage you to start, but there are some important stuff that you need to know before starting:

  1. The services you’re going to offer should have great quality. It’s not a business that will automatically make you earn money — if you provide poor quality service, then don’t expect you’ll have a lot of clients.
  2. Make sure that the freelancers you hire are amazing in their field because your success depends on their output.
  3. Drop servicing also requires you to be good at communicating because you need to talk effectively with your clients and as well as the freelancers you hire for the services.
  4. The prices of freelancers depend on their skills and the duration of the provided services. It’s advisable for you to research and take a look at freelancing websites such as Fiverr and UpWork to get accurate data on how much freelancers charge for their services.

Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step.”

What niche will you pick to take that first step of drop servicing? We’d love to know about the niche you’ll pick and how you’ll start!

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