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If you’re someone that is just getting started with matched betting or has been exploiting a bookmaker with free offers, then you may have come across the idea of gubbing. Once you’ve learned how to perform matched bets successfully, you are likely ecstatic about the idea of beating the odds and profiting easily by removing the risks from gambling. However, the bookies aren’t too happy to lose money out of their pockets, especially if they think they’re being taken advantage of.

Some people are fortunate enough to go months or years of matched betting without ever being gubbed. While some are unlucky and bookmakers will likely penalize you for matched betting. Being gubbed can almost feel like being in prison, except you are punished for staying within the rules. So, what is gubbing, why does it happen, and how can we avoid it? This article is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about gubbing.

What Does Gubbing Mean?

Essentially the term gubbing refers to a bookmaker who has restricted your account on their platform. Typically, restrictions are applied,” such as removing the gambler the ability to place free bets and excluding them from promotional offers.

You’ll most likely be informed via email when this happens. Receiving one of these emails is one of the most gut-wrenching feelings because it is very little you can do about it. These bookies won’t use the term “gubbed,” but they will say something along the “banned from promotions.” This means that you are not a profitable customer, and they feel that you are only there to take advantage of their offers rather than bet on their regular offers.

So what does this mean for you? This puts an end on your ability to place matched bets with the bookie. Sometimes, you may be a little fortunate, where the bookie only limits the amount of money you can bet with them. This still enables you to place matched bets on their free offers, but now you’re on high alert. In any case, gubbing might feel like a death sentence, but all hope isn’t lost just yet.

Why Might Bookmakers Intend On Gubbing Your Account

Unfortunately, you’ll never know the exact reason as to why a bookmaker has gubbed your account. You’ll likely be running plenty of scenarios in your head, such as whether or not a specific wager caught their attention or maybe it’s your squeaky clean winning percentage. Even if you ask, they won’t give you an exact reason, either. Bookies keep a close eye on each account. They have the power to gub you the moment they feel like you’re making too much money off of them. Bookmakers are trained to look out for matched betting techniques because it’s one sure-fire method to win.

Only Place Bets on Free Offers or Promotions

One reason that most matched bettors are recognized is that they place bets using promotional offers. This only increases the odds of your account being flagged. Bookies want to entice new players with their offers but also anticipate them to use their own money. As a matched bettor, you won’t know exactly where you’ll win. But you should strive to win at the betting exchange instead of the bookmakers because betting exchanges are much less likely to gub your account. Betting exchanges earn their revenue through a commission from your winnings instead of the losses you’ve bet on.

Using Multiple Accounts

Some matched bettors will increase their profits by creating multiple accounts using the same bookmaker. Those who have already been gubbed may try to create another account to continue cheating the system. They’ll be able to check whether you’re winning these bets from promotions or in-play bets.

Bookies track your IP address and cookies to see where your bets are being placed and where your accounts have been created. A bookie can see everything you do on its site and will store the data.

Winning Percentage is Too High

Bookmakers want to find customers that they can profit off of. If they continuously lose money due to your matched betting techniques, they won’t take too kindly from it. It’s hard to really gauge what exact percentage they’re looking for. If you’re someone who wins frequently and only loses a small amount, they will mark you as an abnormal punter.

How to Prevent Being Gubbed by Bookmakers

Despite the best precautions, gubbing may still happen to the best of us. But there are a few tips you can use to increase the odds of maintaining a healthy account.

Incorporate Mug Betting

Mug betting means placing bets where there aren’t any promotions or offers going on. The reasoning behind this is to disguise yourself as a normal punter, where bookies can make money off of you. To place a mug bet, simply place a bet for any market you wish and also place a lay bet at the betting exchange to limit the number of losses. This is to flag down instances where users are trying to create multiple accounts. Make sure to mug bet a similar amount to your normal level. For instance, you usually bet £25 on promotional offers, bet the same amount on mug bets. Betting only £5 on mug bets makes you look suspicious.

Avoid Placing Bets on Obscure Events, Sports, and Teams

When placing bets, try to bet on more popular sports such as horse racing and football. Normal punters are much less likely to bet on small leagues like the Peruvian u19 league. Sticking to the bigger markets means that you don’t stand out and look the part of a regular gambler.

Avoid Betting To Early

Always try to place bets right before the start of the game. They are placing bets a few days in advance before a sporting game is highly suspicious. Most gamblers wouldn’t bet until right before the kickoff. This is because bettors want to follow sports updates to learn any factors that may dictate the game’s outcome, such as interviews, injury updates, weather conditions, etc. Ideally, you want to place a bet minutes before the event starts.

Place Accumulator and In-Play Bets

Accumulator Acca bets tend to bring bookies much more profit due to their higher over-round. The chances of winning accumulator bets are much tougher since you can predict multiple things correctly to win your bet. These bets offer greater riskAcca but also a higher reward.

In-Play bets should be utilized more because bookmakers are offering an increasing amount of in-play reload promos. Just like the accumulator bets, these bets tend to have much lower odds of winning.

Don’t Take the Best Prices and Mix Your Stake Sizes

Instead of just making the tiniest qualifying bets on a 99% match, opt to take a slightly higher risk match, such as a 90 to 93% match. You will make less profit, but it’s best to mix up your prices to ensure you’re not just looking to take value from them. Additionally, don’t make it look like you’re always trying to hit the bonus. If a promotion is up to £25, sometimes take a £20 bet instead. You’ll still earn good profit and make it look like you aren’t there just for the bonus.

Don’t Take On Every Free Offer

Unfortunately, taking on every free offer can backfire on you. Bookies are dumb. They can spot bettors who only use free offers and nothing else. If you’re someone who mixes it up with promotions and mug bets, bookies won’t think you’re a matched bettor. The key is not to play a free bet every day. You can rotate free bets on different bookmaker sites each day.

Which Bookmakers Are Most Likely to Gub Your Account

All bookmakers have the potential to gub your account, but some will be more likely than others. Smaller bookies are less likely to let you win big than some of the more established companies. Always look out for customer reviews to see their site experiences, such as withdrawing money and rollover requirements. Based on our research, some of the most common bookies that can tend to gub users are 888Sport, Bet365, and Ladbrokes.

But which bookmakers are the best for matched betting? The best bookies to choose are bigger companies who will allow you to fly under the radar due to their gigantic customer base. Consider bookies such as Skybet, Paddy Power, Bet365, and William Hill.

What to Do If You Have Already Been Gubbed

Unfortunately, there is very little you can do if you’ve already been gubbed. There are rare instances when account restrictions have been removed, and users can play promotions again. This will all vary based on the type of gubbing you received and what type of bookmaker you are using. It may be best to wait about a month before checking your account to see if the gubbing was only temporary.

If the gubbing prevented you from placing small bets, you could still earn your way back by placing large bets and proving to them you’re a worthy customer. In any case, it’s best to make mug bets and act as a normal punter for a while. Once you have a good track record, send them an email and ask for a reconsideration.

What is Gubbing – Final Thoughts

Gubbing is part of the game. Even the best of us matched bettors get them. Fortunately, there are over 80 bookmakers that are licensed to operate in the UK. If you’ve been gubbed for the first time, you’ve learned your lesson. Now you can apply the strategies we’ve mentioned, such as mug betting, to help show bookmakers favor you as a customer. The best thing you can do is view matched betting as a long term game. There will always be promotions and offers to take on. Losing minimal short term profit is crucial to keeping your accounts healthy to earn big money long-term.

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