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Prior to reading this article, you’re probably well-informed already about the basics of dropshipping. But there are questions, like the one above, you need answers to. Starting a dropshipping business without money may sound unreal. Nonetheless, we can affirm YOU CAN.

In fact, you can start today! All you have to do now is find out how to start earning money online through dropshipping, even without spending an investment.

What do you need before starting a dropshipping business for free?

You don’t need money to start your dropshipping business. But INVESTING is a must. That’s right. Invest your time, not your sum.

Remaining teachable is an entrepreneur’s upper hand. The more knowledge you gain, the more likely you will succeed.

So… should you purchase an online course offered by these YouTube business gurus, telling you you’ll get rich overnight? Not at all! Remember that these promotions are by all means intended to sell you something.

Rather than that, there are various information related to dropshipping and e-commerce disseminated on the internet, accessible and free. With time invested into sufficient research and thorough reading, you’re good to go. So keep up and allow us to help you.

How to start a dropshipping business in 2021 without money?

Create your own niche.

Celebrate individuality by working on unique ideas you can conceive in your head. What edge can your dropshipping business model have that will make you stand out from everybody else? Ask yourself if the products you’re going to sell are reasonably demanded in the market and the current trends.

Set up your store.

Give people a shopping venue before beginning the transactions. Numerous platforms can be used to start a dropshipping business. And guess what? You won’t have to spend money on investments. However, by no means you could have these e-commerce platforms for free forever.

Here are some e-commerce platforms you can try and their conditions once the free trial ends:

eBay – When you sell an item, you pay a fee afterward. You can list your item and what percentage of an item’s sale you’ll pay to eBay.

Shopify – Relative to your budget and needs of accessing additional features, you can opt for different monthly subscriptions starting with a basic plan which costs $29.

Amazon – You should likewise pay the fee after an item is sold. If you sell more than 35 items every month, having a professional account will make you pay a monthly subscription otherwise.

Find and choose a supplier

Do your research on selecting a product to sell this year. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different dropshipping business models. Also, keyword search can be helpful to narrow down your choices of products. Make sure what you are about to sell corresponds to your targeted audience and trademark value. It is important to test the products you sell by shipping one to yourself before dropshipping them to your first buyers.

Advertise your dropshipping store and products

There are a bunch of methods in order to market your products or store them costlessly. This will take longer, however. Since you might never want to empty your pocket, we won’t be talking about paid ads. Instead, there is a tool used nearly by everyone — social media.

The most effective way to attract customers here was to invoke emotions from the products. Competitors can argue about quality while most people seek the emotional value of products. If you think you are a good friend of an influencer, he or she might do a great HELP to promote your dropshipping business without compensation.

Experience and aptness of mastering social media algorithms would give you the high ground. If you haven’t learned anything about them yet, just keep exploring. Try making engaging content on your social media accounts where you can insert commercializing your products. Market them to certain groups of people who can potentially be buyers.


Don’t be hesitant to try the aforementioned e-commerce platforms just because they would come later on charge you. Let’s say Shopify is the best option for your start-up dropshipping microenterprise. Aside from granting you a 14-day free trial, this platform enables you to sign up without filling in your card details.

Focus on this platform first, and set aside the others. What to do during the 14 days of your free trial? Perform the marketing methods you can conduct for free. Although it will take so much time and effort, be reminded that your plan was never to spend bucks in starting the business.

Once your shop gets teemed with customers, the profit will follow. The earnings you gain in a period of two weeks can soon be invested for outlays that can pay you off—for instance, purchasing a plan on an e-commerce platform to continue your dropshipping business operations. Or maybe you could host your own dropshipping store at practical prices of several years or lifetime plugins: lesser expenses yet greater workloads.

Can you start dropshipping with no money – Conclusion

All of these may seem a very arduous process. But, with passion and a clear goal, starting a dropshipping business, albeit penniless, is attainable. Not only are the marginal gains you are aiming for, but also the growth of your young business. If you are comfortable as an independent entrepreneur, make sure of assessing outcomes whether you can succeed or not. An investment of time with no payoff is an indication of something barely taken care of.

Avoid beliefs that are too good to be true. You can’t depend on a miracle to get rich ahead of time. Only the belief in your vision and the energy to make this come true can realize your ambitions. Both risks – spending money or not – have the same quantity of investment, but they differ in a unit (money/time). Being consistently painstaking is what every fledgling businessman must acquire. Without competence and competitiveness, any business is unlikely to excel. As Benjamin Disraeli said, “The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”

Well, it’s true that without money, you can start your dropshipping business in no time. We got your back! Opportunities are just around while prospective success is waving. Just stay motivated. Good luck!

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