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Intelligynce is a product research software package that allows you to search over 2.5 million products across more than 500,000 Shopify stores, as well as products selling on Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

With this software, you can quickly and efficiently find and research various niche products to sell on your ecommerce store. It simplifies the product research process, making it much simpler to find winning and in-demand products for your own store.

Let’s take a closer look at Intelligynce’s main features and see how these can help run a successful online store.

Store and Product Search

The main function of Intelligynce is product searching, with the cloud-based software searching through hundreds of thousands of Shopify stores to help find niche products.

 It can help you find over 2.5 million products and provides various analytics on both the product itself and the store it’s sold from.

You can use this information to find wining and in-demand products for your own store, saving you countless hours of product research that it would take without such a handy tool. Basically, you can spy on some of the most successful stores to find winning products and sell them yourself! 

Here’s a breakdown of the main product search functions on Intelligynce:

Shopify Products

The first tab you will see is for Shopify products. Simply enter a keyword for any product and the software searches all Shopify stores selling products related to this keyword. Searching for just a keyword will likely get you countless pages of products, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the various filter options.

Social filters let you filter stores with a set number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, while store filters let you search for products from stores that have a set number of daily traffic, currency, and minimum and maximum selling prices.

These are great for finding niche products that are selling well on Shopify stores while helping to filter out all the poor sellers with little to no interest.

You can also get lots of info on each product and store it’s sold on, with analytics on things like product ranking on the store, daily store visitors, price, and the number of social media followers on that store.

Using this info you can make informed decisions about what products might be worth selling on your store. For instance, if you search for a keyboard and find a product that is the number two ranked product at a store with over 1,000 daily visitors, it’s an indicator that the product is in demand and selling well.

There are also links to store that you can visit for more info on the product such as number reviews, quality of reviews, and whether it’s available to buy on AliExpress so that you can dropship from your own store.

This feature is incredibly useful for finding and researching products across 500,000 Shopify stores, making it easier to find those niche products that are going to sell well and avoiding any duds.

Shopify Stores

This search function works almost identically to the product search function, with the main difference being you search for stores rather than specific products. The purpose of this is the same as the product search – find competing stores and research their products to help improve your own ecommerce business.

The same filters are used here, with social filters allowing you to filter your searches to stores with a set number of followers or likes, ranging from below 1,000 to upwards of one million. Store filters are the same too, with filters for traffic, daily sales, currency options, and minimum and maximum price.

Like product searches, simply enter a keyword and you will find stores that are selling products in this specific niche. You can view what products the stores are selling, the top five best selling products, daily store visitors, social media stats (e.g. no of likes on their Facebook page), and the daily total stores of the entire store.

Add filters to help find more niche stores and those that are onto wining products, then use this info to sell source products for your own stores.

eBay, Amazon, and Bookmarks

Not only can you use Intelligynce to search for products on Shopify stores but also those selling on Amazon and eBay marketplaces. The search function is as extensive as those used for Shopify stores and products, although it is handy for doing research like price comparisons on different ecommerce platforms.

Also, there is a bookmark feature where you can save any products and stores that you’ve found using the search function. This is useful for monitoring different stores and products over time and conducting more extensive research

Hot Products

This is a newer feature added to the search function and it removes much of the guesswork in finding a hot product. It’s especially useful for people new to the ecommerce market, providing a list of hot selling products that you can easily pick from for your own store.

It’s updated every week so it might be a good idea to get in early before other users take note, as the more competition there is for a product the less of a hidden gem it becomes.

Store Inspector

Intelligynce Review

When searching for stores you can use the Store Inspector feature to get instant access to all kinds of info for each store you find. This is an awesome feature as it provides lots of detailed information on every store including when it was last updated estimated daily sales, the Shopify theme, and username.

You can also view the different social media accounts, with links to each page, which is useful for seeing how they are using social media to market and sell products, allowing you to follow similar strategies on your own social media accounts.

Product insights gives a detailed overview of the products available on the store, including recently added products, the top five best selling products, and product launch activity. Product launch activity is basically a bar graph showing the history of products being added to the store.

Installed apps shows the different apps installed on the Shopify app. This is handy for establishing what type of apps they are using for marketing, sales, customer service, etc. 

Intelligynce also lets you view the traffic analysis for any store. This includes info on the traffic history, total monthly visits, average visitor page views, average time per visit, and traffic by country. You can also review store competitors for every store and see what they are doing right to promote their stores and products. 

A keyword analysis is also included, letting you check the top keyword ranking for each store and estimated traffic based on each keyword. You can use this information to significantly improve keyword research efficient, helping to discover long-term keywords to improve your own search ranking.

Ad info gives an overview of the different advertising methods the store uses. This includes both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, so you can check what strategies and keywords the store are using and developing your own campaigns from there.

Again, this saves a lot of time and effort researching different ad campaigns, giving you time to focus on making your own highly targeted ad strategies to get more conversions. 

Ali Inspector

Ali inspector 2 intelligynce

The Ali Inspect is another one of the main features of Intelligynce. It is a product research software tool but this time for AliExpress, although this tool isn’t cloud-based so needs to be downloaded directly onto your computer.

This one nuisance aside, it’s another exceptional tool for product research, providing a similar level of detail on products as the Shopify search function.

The best seller tool analyses bestselling products for different keywords, with the option to apply various filters like categories, shipping info, price range, and markups. You’ll get extensive info on any product, with data from 33 different metrics, giving you everything you need to complete product research in no time.

Not only that, you can use the Ali Inspector to generate keywords for your own use. Simply enter a keyword and the software generates thousands of different niche keywords.

This is amazing for saving time and effort during keyword research, with the software doing most of the hard work for you by generating highly targeted keywords that have been overlooked by other stores.

It’s also handy for generating ideas for new products. If you start with a keyword generator search, you’d be surprised at the number of new products you can find through related keywords, with thousands of options making it easy to find the next product for your store.

You can also download information on any product directly to your computer for later research and download reviews from AliExpress and upload them to your own store. 

Google Chrome Extension

Intelligynce chrome extension

As if the web-based tool and Ali Inspector software weren’t offering enough value for money, Intelligynce also includes a Google Chrome extension. This application allows for quick and easy research on any Shopify store that you are browsing on Chrome.

Just click on the extension and you get lots of detailed information regarding the store. It’s basically the same store info you get using the Store Inspector function on the Intelligynce product search feature, with data on recently added products, the top five best selling products, product launch activity, apps used, social media links, and SEO stats.

Intelligynce Pricing

Intelligynce comes with a few pricing options, including monthly and one-off payments. There are no tiers to the pricing, meaning you get every feature regardless of how you decide to pay for it, although some pricing options do offer better value for money.

Lifetime Plan – One-time payment of $149

This offers the best value for money, giving lifetime access to Intelligynce for a one-off payment of $149. While the initial outlay may seem steep, this is a great deal if you think you’re going to use the software extensively for your product research. If used correctly, the software pays for itself in a year or so!

Monthly Plan – $29 per month

Paying monthly is often easier on the bank account, and this monthly plan does offer good value, although you’ll be paying this every month for as long as you are using the product! Considering you get access to both Intelligynce and Ali Inspector software, it’s an amazing deal for ecommerce owners looking to up their product research without spending a small fortune.

Annual Plan – $99 per year

Billed as one payment of $99, the annual plan is the perfect middle ground for people that want to use the software but are unsure how long they might need it for. At under $100 for a year’s access to the software, you get plenty of value for money, saving more than if you paid monthly.

Note – These prices are currently part of a deal, so they may not last for much longer, so if you’re thinking of jumping in now is the time to do so!

Final Thoughts – Is Intelligynce Worth The Money?

So, is Intelligynce worth the money? For most people operating ecommerce businesses, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment that can save you countless hours of product research. The software is user-friendly, being easy to understand and navigate even if you are new to product search tools.

The number of features you get access to are very impressive. The main product and store search functions are an invaluable tool for anyone operating a Shopify store of their own, as it essentially lets you spy on the most successful stores.

With this information, you can develop sound marketing strategies, find winning products, and save yourself a lot of time and hassle. Add in the Ali Inspector tool and you are essentially doubling your research capabilities with minimal effort, letting you source products and keywords from AliExpress and easily dropship them into your own store.

All in all, there very little to dislike about Intelligynce. It’s an amazing asset whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the field, giving you all the tools you need to run a successful Shopify store or ecommerce business.

Intelligynce Review 2022 | Is It The Best Research Tool?

Everything you need to know about Intelligynce dropshipping / shopify tool. This could save you hours of research time and a very reasonable price.

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