Oberlo Review (2022) – Is Oberlo Legit?


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Oberlo Review Is It Legit

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Oberlo is easily one of the most popular auto-order fulfillment apps there is in the Dropshipping market. Usually, Oberlo is marketed as a beginner-friendly service to help e-commerce owners gain traction in selling products online. When you’re starting, it can be challenging to decide which apps to use, such as Dropified, Ecom Dash, Sprocket, and many others. In this article, we’ll break down exactly what Oberlo is, its features, and whether it is worth trying.

So, is Oberlo legit?

Yes, Oberlo is a legit company that has been around since 2015. In 2017, Oberlo announced that it had had 125,000 merchants on its platform that sold over 100,000,000 products!

is oberlo legit

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is an e-commerce app designed to find products to sell, import products to your store, sync, and fulfill your orders on Shopify with just a few clicks.

Oberlo Features

Marketplace to Find Products

Aliexpress powers the marketplace on Oberlo, but it’s meant to provide everything you need onto one platform. With Oberlo, you can use the search tool or browse through all the categories to find any product that is right for you. On the product page, you’ll find important details such as quantity in stock, price, variation, shipping costs, supplier feedback, number of orders within the last 30 days, and number of orders within the last six months. The recent order history is incredibly important, especially because you want to find trends that are selling well right now.


One-Click Import

Oberlo has a one-click import feature where you can select the products you want to add to your store and click import. From there, you can import anything you want from the supplier’s page onto your Shopify store. For instance, you can edit the title, add pictures from the supplier’s page, edit the product description, variants, product type, and tags. This will save you a massive amount of time rather than having to manually go to your Shopify store and complete the process one-by-one. Within minutes, you can have a store filled with products, all thanks to the power of Oberlo!

Oberlo Review (2022) - Is Oberlo Legit?

Order Fulfillment

The most valuable feature that Oberlo has to offer is its order management system. Once you start receiving a lot of orders, doing it all on your own is extremely time-consuming. Having to place orders for all of your customers manually becomes tedious and boring. With Oberlo, since the supplier is already connected to your Oberlo account, you can click Order products to place orders for your customers quickly. Once you click order products, Oberlo can make bulk orders for all pending orders that need to be placed. Watch your computer screen automatically go to the website and place the order for you. You just need to monitor the screen to make sure the order is being placed correctly. The only part you need to touch is to confirm your credit card details and approve each order.

Syncs Tracking

Once your customer’s order is placed, it will take a few days for the supplier to process the order and ship it out. Once the package is shipped, the supplier then uploads a tracking number. Your job is to take that tracking number and send it to your customer. However, Oberlo syncs your Aliexpress account and Shopify account together. All of your products and order numbers are synced onto Oberlo. This means, once Aliexpress uploads the tracking, it automatically uploads the tracking onto your Shopify orders. Then Shopify automatically, in turn, sends an email to your customer with the tracking information.

In short, you don’t have to do anything! Oberlo automatically organizes your tracking and sends it to Shopify for you.

Oberlo Extension

With the Oberlo Extension, you can easily import products to your Oberlo account with one click. Let’s say you’re on Aliexpress; you can find the product and click on an Oberlo icon to import it. This is useful if you can’t find a particular product on the Oberlo platform, but it’s on the Aliexpress marketplace.

oberlo extension

Automated Product Markup

Sometimes variants or suppliers will adjust their prices for their products. If you’ve been dropshipping for a while, you may not be checking each supplier very often. This tool will automatically mark up your prices on Shopify by a fixed amount or a percentage. Say, you always want a 50% margin. If the price on Aliexpress increases, Oberlo will automatically adjust your price on Shopify until the margin is 50%.

Filter Your Product Search

One advantage of using the Oberlo product platform compared to Aliexpress is the filtering criteria that it has. You’re able to filter the products by sub-categories, price, and order count. Let’s say you have a pet store that primarily only sells products under $50. And you’re relatively new to Dropshipping. You want to find trending products already selling well. You can filter all pet products under $50, and set a minimum order count to at least 1,000 and maximum orders of 5,000. This ensures you find products that are selling well right now but aren’t overly competitive.

Advantages of Oberlo

  • Includes a free plan
  • Automate your order fulfillment
  • One-click product import
  • Automated pricing markups
  • Free chrome extension
  • Automated tracking
  • Product statistics available
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Filter products by price and order count

Disadvantages of Oberlo

  • Only supports Aliexpress supplier
  • Only integrates with Shopify, not other e-commerce platforms
  • Not as practical for intermediate or advanced users


Oberlo offers three pricing plans, which include the Starter, Basic, and Pro level. With the starter package, you get to try out Oberlo completely free and have a limit of 500 products. However, if you’re planning to stick around in Dropshipping, I recommend moving to the Basic or Pro plan. The basic plan is great for solo-dropshippers who manage their entire store by themselves. With the Basic Plan, you get everything the Basic plan offers, but you also receive variant mapping, bulk orders, real-time tracking, affiliate program, captcha solver, and order fulfillment monitoring. Having real-time tracking and bulk orders is helpful with automating order fulfillment.

If you’re starting to receive 25 or more orders per day, I suggest considering enrolling in the Pro level. With the Pro level, you get access to staff accounts. This allows you to hire a team to help you place these orders on Oberlo or even import products for you.

oberlo pricing

Oberlo Review – Final Thoughts Is It Legit?

The short answer is yes. If you’re new to Dropshipping, you should experiment with the Free plan because you have nothing to lose. The auto fulfillment feature alone will save you hours a week rather than manually placing orders. It’s also nice to have all of your suppliers synced up; otherwise, you would have to store them separately on an excel spreadsheet, which is cumbersome.

Lastly, you may even find hot products using the Oberlo products marketplace. Although many of the products are already on Aliexpress, the filtering function lets you search by-products with a lot of recent sales. Recent sales are one of the best indicators to pre-determine your success with testing that specific product. Oberlo is a widely used platform with reputable customer service to help guide you if there’s any trouble!

Oberlo Review (2022 UPDATE) – Is Oberlo Legit

Oberlo is easily one of the most popular auto-order fulfillment apps there is in the Dropshipping market. Usually, Oberlo is marketed as a beginner-friendly service to help e-commerce owners gain traction in selling products online. When you’re starting, it can be challenging to decide which apps to use, such as Dropified, Ecom Dash, Sprocket, and many others. In this article, we’ll break down exactly what Oberlo is, its features, and whether it is worth trying.

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